now anyone that watches or does genealogy, knows what those initials are, but for those of you that don’t, it is for the ancestry show called “Who Do You Think You Are?” that is on TLC.

It is basically a show, where they help celebrities find out about their family history. It can be interesting to watch, if you like the person or just seeing how they get to find out about their families, the good, the bad and sometimes the sad.

BUT and this is a BIG BUT they make it look so easy to find things out and get help at the different historical centers and sometimes you want to scream “You are holding a 100 year old letter – put on gloves for God sake!!!!! “

Anyone that does serious genealogy or just does it for fun, knows that it is not that easy to find information. I mean I have been searching for my Grandparents wedding date for about 10 years now and am no closer than I was when I started.

They walk into places and there are people with copies of letters, pictures, newspaper articles all in files for them; or they type the name in ancestry and Poof – its right there with no spelling errors, missing pages or people. Now, if was that easy to find things. They should show what went into finding these things before they showed up.

I wish that they would do some shows with regular people with fascinating family, not everyone is a star and not everyone that has a famous person in the past is famous now.

I know that I would love to watch a show that shows how hard the search can be and how wonderful it is to break through that wall that you have been trying to break for years.

There are several in my tree that I would love to break:

  • My Grandparents Wedding Date – I can find her with another man :O – but not with my Grandfather
  • My Great Great Grandfather – Walter Dicks – I have his obit and an article on him when he died; a photo in his Ottawa Police Uniform BUT the book written about the Ottawa Police Department doesn’t list him, even though he was the Chief of Detectives. I have written and spoke to people back there and they say there are no records??
  • On My Compton side – I would love to find out the father of my 5th Great Grandfather – William Compton. If I could confirm who his father is, then I could possibly link him to other Comptons, including some with Royalty and some that still live in England and also on Vancouver Island. Some do list a father but without confirmation of some kind, I just can’t. Sources, people, I need sources.
  • And then there are little ones that I need to figure out, but these are the big ones that I can think of at the moment.

    So, W.D.Y.T.Y.A??

    I am an daughter of an Irish-English Father and a Swede-Finn-Swede Mother. I have the Irish & Swedish stubbornness; look more English than Finnish or Swedish;I got my sensitive side from my Grandmas (who I miss dearly) and I don’t know which side gave me my sweet-tooth but someone did. And it all blends into the love of family, something I don’t think I will ever give up – sources or otherwise.


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