Vandals at Cemeteries . . .

are about the lowest of people. While most people have the respect that cemeteries deserve, there are others that think it is the perfect place to party, drink, take their “johns” to and it is fun to destroy the monuments there.

Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, BC is one that has had a lot of problems with vandals lately, and yesterday, I was talking with one of the workers and the thing he told me make me more pissed at the people living around the cemetery than the vandals. There was problems there about 8 weeks ago and no one called the police; then again 2 weeks, more problems. And again no one called the police. And one person who looks right over the section that was trashed is a block watch captain. She said she thought someone else would call. Stupid people!!

I think what hurts my heart the most is when people destroy the memorials but take parts with them.

In 2009, I took a photo of this memorial of a little girl —

and now thanks to some lowlifes, she looks like this:

And according to the cemetery worker I was talking to, they not only broke off the head and hands, they took them as well as they have never been found.

I know that you are suppose to forgive people but I really hope that whoever did that is haunted by this little girl.

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