The Genealogy Bug

I can’t really remember when I really got the genealogy bug but I have always wondered about the past.

I am a 2nd Generation Canadian on my Maternal side with my Grandfather being from Sweden and my Grandma from Finland (but she was a Swede-Fin which I will talk about later.)

I am 2nd/3rd/4th Generation on my Paternal side. My Grandmother came to Canada from England. My Grandfather was born in Canada but his parents were 1st Generation Canadians from Northern Ireland and England.

So, was I more Swedish-Finnish or English-Irish? The only way that I would truly learn was to learn about them and their mannerisms; their likes and dislikes; did I look anyone or a combination?
I had a 3 pages document from my Dad that his Dad had about the Family Tree and where people came from. It is from there I learned about the Great Great Grandfather was a Member of the Ottawa Police Department; that there were Family Members that fought in the Wars and died and much more.

I started with a free family tree program but while I had lots on my Father’s side, I had little or almost nothing on my Mother’s side. I asked about them, my Mother knew nothing.

And as people that know me, when I want to find out something, I will find it. So, my search for the history of my Swedish & Finnish side began.

And that opened a floodgate of family, history and was the major beginning of my Genealogy.

Next post – – how research can help you find family . . .

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