St. Cyprian Anglican Parish / Dundas Cemetery . . .

This cemetery in the Rural Municipality of Rockwood was established on land donated to the St. Cyprian Anglican Parish in 1880.

In the year 2001, a stone rock monument erected in the cemetery for the pioneers of this area, who arrived here from Dundas, Ontario around 1873. It is located in Teulon, Manitoba

In this cemetery, my GGG-Grandparents, Thomas and Mary Ann (Kirby) Dicks are buried along with other other members of the Dicks family line. The following photos were taken this passed in September 2018 by my sister-in-law, Cheryl.

This is the memorial rock that was done in 2001:


This area was settled by Campbells of Irish and Scottish decent who began arriving as early as 1873 after an arduous journey over the newly created land link through Ontario, The Dawson Creek Trail they named the area in honor of their former home in Dundas, Ontario. It was not unusual for the men of the district to walk to Winnipeg for supplies and mail, leaving their wives behind the tend their home and families.

The first Post Office to serve the local people was opened in Greenwood in 1875 but from 1879 to 1906 the Foxton Post Office located nearby on SE15-I6-2E. Dundas School District was formed April 1, 1880. In 1881 a log school was built was built NE-16-2E. It was replaced with a wooden structure on on SW14-12-2E in 1889. A new building was replaced in 1954. In 1964 the School District amalgamated and become part of the Interlake School District.

Dundas Cemetery was established in 1880 on land donated by St Cyprian Anglican Parish . It is the resting Place of many of the pioneers who created this district.

Erected in 2001 in Tribute to the Pioneers

This is many of the photos of the cemetery:

My Great Grandparents

Frederick Dicks – my GGG Uncle

GGG- Uncle Fred and his wife, Bertha Madell

The 6 yrs old daughter of my GGG Aunt Annie (Dicks) Thompson

My GGG Aunt Annie Thompson

Mother & Daughter — Annie and Bertha

And the last one shows an overview of the Dicks Family and where they are buried.

Overview with Annie and Bertha in the back right.

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