The Story of the Actor and his brother — Clothier Family Line

through our Family Line we are related to the Clothier Family. It is not a direct relationship, but one of the many branches in our Tree.

A little Background:

The Lines cross through Mercy May Clothier — she was married to my 5th Great Uncle, Mahlon Beach. Mercy May is the 3rd Great Aunt of 2 Clothier Brothers. So, while our branches do intersec we are not directly related.

The brothers are: John George Clothier and his older brother, Robert Allan Clothier.

Now comes the interesting part about Robert — turns out that he played Relic on the TV show The Beachcombers.


He was not only a great actor, but he was a Member of the Royal Canadian Air Force. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross on December 5, 1944. He was the sole survivor of a plane crash at Boundary Bay, BC. Robert was the pilot of a Mitchell bomber that crashed on takeoff. Three other died but while Robert survived, he was severely injured with a broken back. He was paralyzed from the waist down for two years.

Sadly, his younger brother was also a pilot in a Bomber Command and he died in Wales on March 5–6, 1945.

The story of his death, is a sad one.

It is said that he was on a flight and they were mistaken for a German bomber and shot down. Apparently, with the Germans’ short on fuel for planes, they would follow the Canadian/English planes back to where they were about to land and then fire at them. It was at this time, that although he did not need to be on the run, F/L Clothier was a pilot on a plane that had just done a raid and was heading home. It is recorded that 32 planes were lost or damaged over England that night.

He is buried in Rockfield (St. Cenhedlon) Churchyard, Whales.


Robert was still recovering from his near-death crash when his brother was killed in what could only have felt like a senseless death as the war was almost over at that point in time.

But another family branch that was effected by war.

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