Who I am

The general description is that I am a glasses-wearing, grey-haired, chubby, old lady.  But I don’t think that is what I am suppose to put in here.

My passion in life is Cemeteries and Genealogy.


I love the beauty of cemeteries, along with the history and the headstones; whether they are flat markers or tall, erect monuments or Angel Statues.  I find a peace when walking in them, whether taking photos for myself or when someone has asked for me to help them located a loved one.


This started when one day I was looking at a paper my father had given me about his side of the Family Tree.  While it had good information, it didn’t have a lot of information, so I went on a quest to find where my Grandmother was buried.  She was the first headstone that I ever photographed.

From there, I wanted to know more about my Mom’s side.  Well, raise a red flag in front of me when she said “I don’t know – you won’t be able to find much because they came from Finland and Sweden”. So, I began a search which lead me to meet relatives all over the world. But I will write about that more in my blog.

So Who am I?

I am a single Mom of one talented girl (should say woman); a sister; a daughter; a friend; a bookkeeper/Office Administrator for a small Rehab Company; a searcher of her past.

I love hockey (true Canadian); knitting; Coronation Street; The Young & Restless and the past.

And the real name is Susan.