New Family Branch Member Found . . .

So, a few days ago, I got a updated to this memorial — Emma Dicks

It was mentioning a son, that I did not have on the memorial and the person mentioned that he was their Grandfather. Cool.

The person was not a member of findagrave (it happens) so I emailed them and told them who I was and how I was related to their Grandfather (he is my cousin 3 times removed). I figured what the heck, the person might reply == a lot of times they don’t.

But they did!!!!!

She lives on Vancouver Island, is married with 5 daughters and 7 grandchildren. She also has boxes of pictures as she just moved her Mom from the old Family Home (R.E. Dicks) to Winnipeg. She is going to start going through them and then send me copies along with more information on the family.

Yeah!!!! Happy Dance!!!!

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