Marriage Mystery

One mystery that I have had for years is when and where were my Grandparents married. The wedding date of Gordon Elliott Rutledge and Gladys Marion Compton married seems to be lost to time.

I have a photo of what looks like my Grandmother in a wedding dress, I have a photo of my Grandparents celebrating a wedding anniversary. I have been told that she died shortly before her 40th wedding anniversary in 1963.

My Dad has said they were married in Toronto and a cousin said they found a paper that said they were married in November 1921. That would fit because I was also told she was not old enough to get married and had to have her parents permission — in 1921 she would have been 18 years old.

So, armed with that information, I ordered the 1921 Toronto Archives Marriage records — nothing.

Looking at the information, to have been almost at her 40th wedding Anniversary, she would have had to have been married in 1923 — she would have still been under age because she would have been just over 20 in Nov of 1923. BUT my Aunt, Verna Marion Rutledge was born in November 1923.

Well, it looks like I will have to head back to the library here in BC and order the Toronto Archives and I think as it is only $0.50 for each microfilm reel I think I will order 1919, 1920, 1922 & 1923 to the list.

Hopefully soon, I will update with their wedding date.

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