Lizzie Compton — 2nd Great Aunt

Lizzie Compton

Lizzie was another surprise relative that I did not know about until I one day received a letter from someone who turned out to be my cousin, 3 times removed. Beverley was also doing research on the Compton line as her Great Grandmother was Lizzie Compton. It turned out that Lizzie was the daughter of William Walter Compton and his first wife, Jane Franks. Together they had 3 children before Jane passed in December 1864 when their youngest child was only a few months old.

William went on to marry Sarah Ann Duncan in September 1866 and together they had 2 children, one of which was my Great Grandfather, Charles Compton. This is how Beverley and I ended up realizing that we are related. But on to Lizzie, who had very interesting and at times, sad life.

On September 30, 1882, Lizzie, a Spinster married Samuel Slingley, Batchelor who was a Mason. The marriage took place in Hull, Yotk, England. Together, they went on to have 4 children in between the years of 1883 — 1891. Their last child, Lizzie was born in 1890 but sadly died in the 3Q 1891. This was followed a year later with the death of Samuel in 1892.

In 1894, Lizzie married her brother-in-law, Harry Slingsby. During the next few years, Lizzie and Harry had 4 more children, making it a family of 10. In 1905, Harry left for Canada and began work as a Carpenter. In 1906, Lizzie and the children joined him. The family settled in the West End of Toronto.

Sadly, the family only had a few years before Harry was killed one afternoon while riding his bicycle.

So for the 2nd time, Lizzie became a widow, but this time it was with 8 children. They moved to another home until Lizzie had a home built at 130 Bowood Avenue in the north end of Toronto in the Bedford Park area. It was one of the first brick houses built in that area. She lived in this house until her death in 1958. Upon her death, she had lost 2 husbands and 3 children, including her son Walter Samuel Slingsby in WWI.

Lizzie is buried with Harry in Prospect Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario.

I often wonder if she ever got together with her half brother, my Great Grandfather, Charles when he and his family came to Canada in 1916 or did they not know that the other was in the same country. My Great Grandfather and family ended up coming West to BC in the 1920’s but some of the Compton Family stayed and still live in the Toronto area.

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