In the Year 2018 . . .

While I didn’t do a lot of things, it was certainly a year of adding living people rather than deceased this past year.

Nancie gave me an ancestry dna kit for Christmas 2017 and I got the results back in mid February of 2018. While I am still trying to figure out the many different results, I did get some wonderful and new family added to my life.

While it took a bit to figure out how to get the card, I was finally able to get this before the upgrade of my breakdown:

my first dna card

It was shortly after this that they updated my results and it was with these that i ended up meeting a few family members through my dna.

The first person that I was in contact with was a distant cousin from Australia that is part of my Snabb Family Line. My Grandmothers’ brother Anton Lenart Snabb had moved to Australia and sadly, he passed away in 1948. We did know that he had a daughter, but we did not know what had happened with her until I had found that she had passed away at a very young age. I knew that she had 1 daughter but it turns out that she had 2 and it was the 2nd daughter that was also using dna to search for her birth mother, my Great Uncles’ daughter.

What was really great was that we got to meet when it turns out that her and her husband had already planned a trip/tour up to BC / Alberta from Australia and we were able to meet up here in Vancouver for a few hours before they went back under.

2nd Cousins — Lynelle and Susan

Another Swede-Fin find was with the last name Foresman. My Great-Great Grandmother was Lena Sofia Israeldotter Forsman. Her father was Israel Johansson Forsman. His older brother was Simon Erik Johansson Forsman.

It is through these two gentlemen , that I found another distant cousin, Pierre Forsman. To quote him “Simon Erik J Forsman who was my grandfathers grandfather ” What is nice is that Pierre lives in Florida and travels back to the home land. Like today he posted a video of of driving in Replot, Länsi-Suomen Lääni, Finland. It is through these that I can see where my family came from.

The next was another great find. There was a dna match to a James Rutledge. Sadly it was a few months before he had logged in and got my message on ancestry. It turns out that he is my 2x half cousin. How is he a half cousin you may ask? We both share the same Great Grandfather, Robert Rutledge — me through his first wife, Annie Dicks and he through his 2nd wife, Georgina Gifford.

This was the first time that I was able to be in touch with a Rutledge family member that I did not grow up with. James sent me a few pictures and matching them up with the only photo that I had of my Great Grandfather, I belive it was photos of Robert with his 2nd wife, their daughter that had passed away as a baby and the son that James was descended from. This is the merged photos. What do you think?

Robert Rutledge Merged Photos.

There were others that I have been in touch with, but they were not into really doing researching of past family connections but more about where geographic locations. So while it was nice to speak to them, they eventually never asked or answered questions, but you never know about the future.

But dna is not the only way that you can find or locate family members. Next next round of new family members was via facebook.

The first was started when I was doing one of my google search for my Great Aunt Alice Adele Viktoria Backman as her headstone did not show a married name for her. I came across a family tree that listed her as married. I did what I always did when trying to figure out something, I contacted my cousin Christer Rusén. He related through my Great Grandmother, Fredrika Samuela Rusén as her sister, Maria Evelina is his Grandmother. And as always, he was able to cofirm her marriage and also told me that some of her Grandchild were on facebook and I was able to get in touch with some of them — Pierre and Olaf Ångdal. I hope that I will be able to get in touch with the rest of the family. They are my 2nd cousins.

But that is not the only new Swedish family I was in touch with this past year. Many years ago, I had written to Mercy Abramsson, who is the daughter Dagmar Backman (the sister of my Grandfather, Gustav). Sadly, I think because I didn’t know much if any Swedish and she did not understand much English, we lost touch. That was until a little while ago when I received an email from Sweden — she had kept my letter these past 10 yrs and during a visit with her grandkids she showed them the letter I had sent all those years ago. They were surprised as they didn’t know about their Canadian family. We are 2 x cousin once removed ; and thanks to facebook, I am friends with them: Christian; Sandra & Louise Stark. There are also a couple more that I need to connect with.

There is also the fact that Pierre & Olaf are also 2 x cousin once removed of Christian; Sandra an Louise. i wonder if they know each other?

Now aside from these, I was also able to find the burial locations of many family members as well as photos, documents and places that we have lived in.

I had hoped that I could do the year without having to list a family member having passed this year, but sadly, just a few weeks ago, a distant cousin passed away. Randy Carl Every was through my Compton family line. I meet him a few years ago when I went to a family reunion. I had been corresponding with his Grandma for several years. She lived in Ontario and was a decended from the Lizzie Compton, who was the half sister of my GreatGrandfather, Charles Compton.

Also, sadly, Pierre & Olaf had lost their Mother earlier this year.

To end this year and rather long post, here are the stats of my database.

So now, I end 2018 — I hope that I have not missed anyone or anything .

May all my Family, no matter where in the world have a Happy & Healthy 2019.

My love to all.

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