I am a Tadophile!!!!

sounds like something really kinky, doesn’t it? But it’s not. The true definition is:

One who practices taphophilia. Someone who is interested in funerals, gravestone art, epitaphs, cemeteries. Known to play a part in Goth subculture, although interest in one does not mean interest in both.

And we can be called gravers as well.

I have always loved cemeteries – the art, the peacefulness and the variety of monuments. But it wasn’t til I found a site called findagrave.com that I learned that there was a way of not only fulfilling my love of cemeteries and help people find the final resting place of their loved ones. And I could get the help to find my family as well.

And graving can have its excitement as well.

Yesterday, while my brother-in-law was teaching my daughter how to park, my sister and I went to Whonnock Cemetery in Maple Ridge, BC. Now this is a very old cemetery at the end of a road surrounded by a forest and it next to an old Native Burial Grounds.

We were there for about 90 minutes or so before we had to leave. We are standing by the car when we see this silver car racing up the road. We wondered were they could be going because about 20 feet behind us it is a dead-end with a locked gate that leads to the Burial Ground.

We quickly got in the car, locked the doors. My sister is looking behind in the rear view mirror and she says they pulled in right behind us and went directly into the cemetery. We left.

We figure that someone (probably the weird hippy house across the street) called up the Local Reserve and they sent 2 people to make sure we weren’t trying to get into the Burial Grounds or were damaging the cemetery in any way.

I am just glad I had not gone there myself.

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  1. Who knew taking photos of headstones could be so exciting! And what about the stone that refused to be photographed (story for ANOTHER day)!

    Good visit! It was nice to see you and Nancie and hang out all day.

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