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Snabb – Backman Line

Happy Birthday in Heaven to my Grandmother, Edit Amanda Snabb.

She was born this day Sept 28, 1907 in Björköby, Finland. She was the youngest daughter of Johannes Snabb and Lena Sofia Forsmen.

She arrived in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on September 21, 1929 at the young age of 22. She had planned to join her two sisters, Hilda & Hulda in the U.S. but because of health reasons, she was refused entry.

She ended up settling in a rooming house in Vancouver, BC to be as close as she could to her sisters who lived in Washington State as well as California. There she met and married a young Swede named Gustav Backman. It is interesting that on the marriage record, they are listed as living at the same house — but it doesn’t say that it was a rooming house. He is listed as a Logger and she as a HouseWife.

They lived in North Burnaby on Cliff Avenue where they raised a family including my Mother. I did not meet her sister, Hilda but did meet with Hulda .

I was only 6 1/2 when she passed away on May 14th, 1965 at the young age of 57. I do have one very strong memory of her. It was Christmas 1964 and I received an Avon Humpty Dumpty Bubble Bath. When you knock him over, 3 pieces of the Egg top came apart. She got sad because she thought my new Christmas present had broken. I lost my original Humpty Dumpty years ago but one Christmas, my daughter Nancie bought and surprise me with one. It now sits on my memory shelf.

She is buried with my Grandfather, her only son Alf, her daughter Ingrid and my other Uncle Clarence out in Valley View Memorial Gardens, Surrey, BC,

A young Lady
A young Mother with her 2 children — Auntie Vera and my Mom, Nancie


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