Confused Ancestry . . .

Which for me is nothing new. As most people with Ancestry know that when you do the dna you get these Thru Lines that give you possible dna relationships.

Well, I keep getting one for my 3rd Great Grandmother, Margery Robertson Beach. I have her marriage record to John Beach on 5 Jun 1850 • Bathurst, Ontario, Canada. They are the parents of Caroline Margery Beach who married Walter Dicks and had my Great-Grandmother, Annie Dicks Rutledge.

This is their marriage record:

Now here comes the confusion: I have never been able to find to find out information about who her parents were. Well, this name James E Robinson keeps coming up as a possible dna connection to me through her, with decendents from him being my possible 5 – 8th cousins.

The thing is that only one has a daughter names Margery and she has no information showing on her. I have written to a couple of the people but most have not been on ancestry for over 3 months.

Now, I know that John Beach died in 1873 and I have a photo of their headstone in the Beachburg cemetery that states she died in 1885 – no date and I have never found a death certificate for her. Also, her last name on the marriage record and the headstone says “Robertson” .

So, I decided to do a search on family search for James E Robinson and see what came up. I found a marriage record for his daughter, Margaret Beach???? She married a John Brown on 24 of October 1884. She is listed as being 70 yrs old. Mine would have only been around 60. Now this is what really gets me wondering if this is her? Look at the witness:

It is my Great Grandfather, Walter Dicks and Great Grandmother, Caroline Margery Beach Dicks. The marriage takes place in the town where they lived: Ottawa, Ontario.

So, was her last name Robertson or Robinson??? As her parents are not listed on her marriage record – was she hiding from them? Was there an error on her marriage to John Beach? How am I truly related to the Robinson through my dna? Questions?? Questions??? Will I ever find the answers??

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  1. Hello,
    I took an interest on your problem & I thought I would see if I could find a solution.
    Looking at the marriage record you posted, I see that Margery/Margaret’s parents are listed as James & Margaret Robinson. Another issue you have is Margery/Margaret’s age. (Prior to 1869, births, marriages & deaths were not recorded by the Ontario government & one would have to rely on information found in either Family Bibles or in old church records if they were still accessible.) Looking at Canada Census Records, it shows the following ages:1851 -John, age 30, Margery, age 19; 1861 – John, age 39, Margery, age 26; 1871 – John age 49, Margery, age 38. As you can see, whoever gave the information to the census taker did not really know Margery’s age.
    I hope this information is of some help to you…

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