My 2nd Great Aunt Laura Rutledge

Laura (Lila) was the 2nd child and daughter of Robt. Rutledge and Ellen Elliott. There is confusion with her birth date as it is either 1872 or 1873, with my best guess as being 1872. Why you may asked?? I have not been able to find a birth record, but her Marriage record lists her birthdate as about 1872 but her death record has Jan 8 1873 – but her brother, Thomas was born Jan 24 1873, so I believe she was probably born in 1872. She is listed in many records as Lila Rutledge.

She married Dr Hugh McLean on May 16, 1901 in York, Ontario, Canada. It shows another strange comment about her birth date — it lists it as 1872 but says she was born in Bolton, England not Bolton, Ontario. Her parents had already had 1 child in Canada having married here so being born in England is totally wrong.

She and Hugh went on to have 4 children, including a daughter that was stillborn in 1903. Sadly she passed away on March 29th, 1912 of Dysentery. This then brings about the final mystery of Laura(Lila) Rutledge McLean. I have 2 separate newpaper articles about her death. The first one just says:
St Thomas Times 
Page 8 c1 Died –
Dr McLean Bereaved – Mr and Mrs W K Cameron were called to Guelph Friday morning owing to the sudden death of their sister-in-law, Mrs McLean, wife of Dr Hugh McLean, of that city. Mrs McLean was formerly Miss Laura Rutledge of Toronto. Besides her husband, three children survive.

I was also able to find a copy of her obituary which states where she is funeral and burial:

While this listed her being buried in Humberstone Cemetery, that cemetery is now called Overholt Cemetery . In contacting the cemetery, sadly there is no listing of her burial . Her husband and children moved to California where he remarried and had several more children. The 3 remaining children of Lila sadly died before I could be in touch with anyone to find where she was truly buried.

St. Cyprian Anglican Parish / Dundas Cemetery . . .


This cemetery in the Rural Municipality of Rockwood was established on land donated to the St. Cyprian Anglican Parish in 1880.

In the year 2001, a stone rock monument erected in the cemetery for the pioneers of this area, who arrived here from Dundas, Ontario around 1873. It is located in Teulon, Manitoba

In this cemetery, my GGG-Grandparents, Thomas and Mary Ann (Kirby) Dicks are buried along with other other members of the Dicks family line. The following photos were taken this passed in September 2018 by my sister-in-law, Cheryl.

This is the memorial rock that was done in 2001:


This area was settled by Campbells of Irish and Scottish decent who began arriving as early as 1873 after an arduous journey over the newly created land link through Ontario, The Dawson Creek Trail they named the area in honor of their former home in Dundas, Ontario. It was not unusual for the men of the district to walk to Winnipeg for supplies and mail, leaving their wives behind the tend their home and families.

The first Post Office to serve the local people was opened in Greenwood in 1875 but from 1879 to 1906 the Foxton Post Office located nearby on SE15-I6-2E. Dundas School District was formed April 1, 1880. In 1881 a log school was built was built NE-16-2E. It was replaced with a wooden structure on on SW14-12-2E in 1889. A new building was replaced in 1954. In 1964 the School District amalgamated and become part of the Interlake School District.

Dundas Cemetery was established in 1880 on land donated by St Cyprian Anglican Parish . It is the resting Place of many of the pioneers who created this district.

Erected in 2001 in Tribute to the Pioneers

This is many of the photos of the cemetery:

My Great Grandparents

Frederick Dicks – my GGG Uncle

GGG- Uncle Fred and his wife, Bertha Madell

The 6 yrs old daughter of my GGG Aunt Annie (Dicks) Thompson

My GGG Aunt Annie Thompson

Mother & Daughter — Annie and Bertha

And the last one shows an overview of the Dicks Family and where they are buried.

Overview with Annie and Bertha in the back right.

Kiss Me – I am Part Irish

so, I will be drinking Green Beer tomorrow.

Although I don’t talk about it, I am Irish through my Dad’s Family.

Starting with my 3rd Great Grandfather:

— Robt Rutledge was born in Ulster, Northern Ireland
–Jane Thomson (his wife) was Scottish

–Robt Rutledge (son of above) was born in Ulster, Northern Ireland
came to Canada as a baby and married
— Ellen Elliott who was born in Ulster, Northern Ireland and came to Canada with her parents (Robert Elliott and Elizabeth Graham born in Ulster, Northern Ireland)

The son of Robt and Ellen Rutledge was Robert Rutledge. He married Annie Dicks and they had my Grandpa, Gordon Elliott Rutledge.

It must be the Irish in me that makes me love cabbage, corn beef, beer.

So to all my fellow Irish Family:


The Search for

a Great-Grandfather’s burial/headstone in Finland.

For me, a life in my Family Tree really isn’t complete if I don’t have the complete life — from birth til death and all the things in between.

And so, the search to confirm where my Great Grandfather, Johannes Johansson Snabb was buried began many, many years ago.

I had several things: a couple of photos, a few stories but what I did not have was confirmation of death and burial. My Aunt had said that they had never left his home town of Björköby, Finland, so I had hoped to find the information somewhere on a Finland Historical Site, but while there were only photos of my Great-Grandmother and other family members, including his parents and others in the Snabb/Forsman Line that are buried in the Björkö Cemetery, but no photo for him or his 2nd wife.

I had a complete records of my Great-Grandmother and all of their children, including my Grandma, Edit Amanda Snabb, here in Canada along with her sisters in the USA and her brother, who died in Australia. Their memorials had a photo of their final resting place.

I decided to try a facebook group I belong to and ask there if anyone was located near or knew of anyone that would be able to see if he was truly buried there and if he had a headstone.

The facebook group is part of Swedish-Finn Historical Society in Seattle, Washington. I had learned about them years and years ago. In fact, it was a member of the group, Hasse Nygård who originally got me in touch with my family still in Finland. He lives in Finland and runs a wonderful site with a huge database called TALKO.

On September 30th, I posted asking if there was anyone that knew where I could find a burial list or anything that would confirm his burial, and possibly get me a photo of his headstone. Well, there were many suggestions given and finally, one of the women, Syrene Forsman (sadly no relation) asked me to send his name and information to her at the SFHS office and she would see what she could find. She said she was stubborn and like to find things out.

First, a Per-Erik Berglund answered an inquiry that Syrene had left on a message board, but after emailing him, he sadly could not help, but gave me links to a website. Unfortunately, I had tried this website before and it was there that my Great-Grandmother as well as my Great-Great Grandmother had been photographed and posted.

I was then given an email for Torbjörn Nikus, who was actually the photographer of the other headstone photos. He lived about 250 kms away from the cemetery and would not be able to go back to see if it was possible that the headstone had been missed. He also said that there was a possibility that if he had only had a wooden cross or there was no one looking after his plot, that there might not be anything there to be photographed. That was a sad thought.

But what I didn’t know at the time, Per-Erik had forwarded my email to another person, someone that was living in the the town of Björköby, and her email would contain several surprises.

On October 21, I received an email that started out:

My name is Mona Britwin and I live i Björköby in Finland. I heard from Per-Erik Berglund in Bergö that you would like to know more about your ancester Johannes Johansson Snabb from Björkö.

It seems that her Mom kept track of people from the “village” over the years, and while the first part I knew she had a lot of information that I didn’t know, like my Great-Grandfather was a “Garvaren” which means ” garvare means tanner, he was tanning skins when he wasn´t fishing”. She was also wondering which of his children I was related to, and how.

She also sent me this:

It is my Great Grandfather’s house still standing although vacant. What I wouldn’t do to have the money to buy it and move there.

So, I emailed her back, explaining my relationship to him, along with a link to my website (see link on side). And then I waited. I was hoping that it would not be like many other times, I email, they email me, ask questions that I answer and then I never hear from them again. But then it came!!

She apologized for not getting back to me sooner but she works all week and she apologized for her poor English but I understood everything and it just makes me want to learn more how to speak the language (on bucket list for 2015). She explained how they had different names than what I had listed or at least they were called different names than the names I had for them.

She also told me how we are distantly related. If I have it right, it is through my 5th Great Uncle, Anders Mickelsson Snabb. This is wonderful as I do not have anything on this line for him. Or at least, I don’t have anything on my site, but must check my papers.

And right after this email came her 2nd email and IT WAS A PHOTO OF THE HEADSTONE!!!! For both my Great-Grandfather and his 2nd Wife!!!. And it isn’t a little cross but a very large headstone. I got to complete his memorial!!!

Great Grandfather Memorial

As Syrene said “One simply has to ask!”

Oh and Mona has asked me for help with a relative of hers, and if all goes as planned, I will be able to give her information in a week or so.

I love Genealogy and finding family!!!

An new old Family Member – Rutledge

found. Although an old family member, it seems that he is not really been linked to the family before.

Grant Victor Gifford Rutledge, born on 28 Sep 1913, York County, Ontario, Canada. The son of Robert Rutledge and Jean Gifford.

Now, I have seen the name Grant talked about before. In a letter from Robert Rutledge to my Grandfather, his son, Gordon. The year is 1947 and he talks about Grant being an Office Clerk and that Mother was visiting from Lindsay, Ontario. I have been told that although they did not divorce, at least that is what is said, that Robert and his 2nd wife, Georgina (Jean) did not live together.

Several years ago, I found out about their daughter, Verna Eileen Hope Rutledge, who died at just over a year old but there has never been a mention of a son before this.

I have been looking at the 1921 Canadian Census in hoping of finding something linking my Grandparents together as I haven’t found their marriage date yet but I found this:

1921 Canada Census

the list shows them as Ruthledge but all the names match up, except the listing of a son, Grant, age 7:

Robert Ruthledge 46
Jean Ruthledge 31
Russel Ruthledge 19
Gordon Ruthledge 18
Grant Ruthledge 7

So, who was this Grant? I hope to find something about him, but as the Birth Records only go to 1913, would it be possible as they list him as 7, which mean he could have been born in 1914, depending on when the Census was taken. So I took a chance, typed in his name, year of birth as 1913 and place of birth Ontario.

Well, look what comes up:

Grant Victor Gifford Rutledge

A new Grand Uncle!!!

Then thinking more about why I had never heard the name before or anything else about him, I googled his name and came up with a Wedding Announcement for him. It is interesting as it mentions his Mom, Jean Rutledge but not his Dad, who was still alive in 1946 as I have a letter from him written in 1947 as well as I have a letter he wrote to me in 1958.

Wedding Announcement in the Ottawa Times.

After the letter, there is nothing I know about Grant, his wife or if he had any family. They did stay in Ontario as they are listed in the Canada Voters List until 1974, so he would have been 61 years old.

And his Mom, Georgina Gifford Rutledge – what happened to her? Where did she go? When did she pass??

So many unanswered questions.

As for the letters, I have them scanned as pdf files and they will not upload as they are too big, I will have to find another way to show them.

In the mean time, I will now have to search for Grant and family — hello, are you out there? Are you reading this and wondering who I am???

Meeting a new Distant Cousin

You all know how I do findagrave for help in finding the burial locations of distant family members. Well, I had helped a woman with family here in BC and she noticed that I was looking for family headstone in Maple Ridge Cemetery, Chesterville, Ontario.

Shirley H, went above and beyond in getting photos not only for the people I had listed, but adding others as well. She didn’t have to, but she transferred these family members to me to look after and maintain. She is one of the reasons that I haven’t totally abandoned findagrave, but that is another post.

With my having the memorials in my name, I received a Suggest a Correction on Vivien Goyne Beach says that my Mother died shortly after giving birth to me and I was raised by my Grandparents. I emailed her and thanked her for the information and said that I guessed we were distantly related as her father, Norman Beach is my 3 x cousin 3 times removed.

She emailed back and said it was great to find another relative and that she loved finding all the Beaches on findagrave as her daughter was flying out from —- ready for this — Vancouver!!!! I was like WoW! I live in Burnaby, had she been to MountainView to see the Beaches buried there. We also talked about exchanging info, she has some pictures. But I never heard from her, it happens.

But 2 days ago, I got an email from her daughter, Nancy who is going to Ontario this week, coming back next week and would love to meet.

So, sometime in the next few weeks, I will be meeting my 5 x cousin once removed – I think this is the most distant, yet closely living relative that I will have ever met up with.

So, thank you to Shirley, findagrave and the internet!!!!

To photograph or not . . .

When I do a photo request for findagrave if there was no headstone, I would in the past, post a photo of the area with a flower marking the area.

But lately it seems that some people do want this and others don’t. It is hard to figure out what to do. I think that is is nice to see where the person is buried even if there is no headstone for them.

This is what I was doing:


It shows where the family is and that there is no headstone. I thought it was helpful and most that I have done like that, have appreciated it. There was one person that I had gotten about 10 requests for in Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver — I think 2 out of the 10 had headstones, his email message to me — “Thanks for nothing and wasting my time.” What?????

And now people are complaining about the quality of some of the photos – not showing enough, not close enough, too close, doesn’t show the area around the headstone, etc. I just don’t get it.

I had been for years searching for my Great-Great Grandparents, who where buried in a small town in Manitoba. Well, there was finally someone that was in that area. The photos are a close up of the inscription only. But do I care?? Hell, no. I know that they have a headstone, I have where they are buried. They are remembered by me now. And that is all that I really need.

So, the question I have is:

Is it better to have no photo or a photo that isn’t perfect in everyone’s eyes.

Are genealogist really hoarders in


I have to wonder if a Genealogist has a hoarder gene in them. I mean I keep every scrap of paper that I find that has something about family – even if the family is a distant, distant, distant, distant, distant, distant family member. I love having all of it.

My sister told me how she mentioned to her oldest daughter that I had more information in binders then was on my website. I realized I do have a lot of stuff – about 20 CDs with information & pictures; photo albums; binders for each side (Maternal and Paternal); Military records; miscellaneous records that include Complaints filed by my Great-Grandfather for the theft of his patent.

I can and do spend days searching for 1 little article, 1 little photo or piece of paper to see if I can connect the dots or in most cases, people.

But I also hoard things – I have most of my dolls (Barbies), Chatty Cathy dolls, comics, etc. What do these have to do with my genealogy passion. Nothing, but I love all things old. I even have clothes that were mine, my Auntie Ingrids and of course, all of Nancie’s baby things.

I know that I have to one day go through and label all the photos that I have from Nancie’s youth and get them out of the boxes they are in, because one day, she may want them.

So, as asked previously — are genealogist just a defined type of hoarder?

Just love people that get . .

offended when I tell them to remove my photos when they haven’t credited either myself or findagrave for the headstone photos that they have taken and put on their family tree on ancestry.

I asked 2 different users to remove 3 photos that they had taken. Both people, sent me back almost the same comment:

Sorry to have offended you and violated your copyright. The photos are off my tree forever more…


I’m sorry if I’ve offended you–I’ve have taken it down-

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have photos that I have taken for findagrave and people that have requested them and asked me if they can have them on their family trees. I do allow it BUT have them put”© 2012 by Susan L Rutledge – Findagrave Memorial XXXXXXXXXX” — which to me is the correct thing to do. And I do check to make sure that they do. Most people don’t mind doing that extra step and some even put in their requests that they will show that you took the photo.

Now, one of the women had taken the photos, given credited to a woman that has taken photos for me in a different cemetery and listed them in the wrong cemetery. In fact the cemetery she listed them in is in Ontario and I am in BC.

The other woman has several requests for photos in Cemeteries that I am the only person that does the requests out here, now I will not do them and she will have to wait for someone else to take them.

You know it isn’t just getting credit for the photo but it is about making sure that the proper resource is there. As I know that when looking for headstones, they sometimes disappear through age or sadly, vandalism. If is is there, then you know the year the photo was taken, so you can roughly know when it was not missing/damaged.

I have a photo that I took in Mountain View of an Angel which when you visit her now, she is missing her head and hands. Vandals broke them off and took them, so she can’t even be repaired. I took the photo in 2008, she was destroyed in 2009.

The thing is just because something is on the internet does mean its up for grabs. Just like if you have your car in the street — doesn’t mean it is there for anyone to use.

Just ask — most times people will say yes!

Today I had to file

my first copyright infringement on ancestry for a “borrowed” photo without credit to me (the photographer) or the findagrave memorial.

And the sad thing is that I have about 5 more to file. Is it really that hard for people to realize that they just can’t just take.

When I take a photo, they have a copyright notice or if you read, the site states that the copyright is held by the photographer.

Now, most of the time, if the person asks me, then I say, yes you can use the photo BUT please make sure to have “© 2012 by Susan L Rutledge – Findagrave Memorial XXXXXXXXXX” posted with the photo. It isn’t that hard.

The sad part of the one that I filed today is that the woman has about 25 requests for other photos of headstones that I usually fill but will not be filling for her now. And the photo that I took was back in 2008 when I was first learning and is not that good. It is in a small cemetery that I have been working on and have been replacing the old photos with new.

As for the other 5 – the woman has taken others photos and seems to think it is ok, but she will soon discover it it not. And the thing is that these people don’t seem to realize that if they get too many complaints about “borrowed” photos that they can loose their ancestry account, and there is no refund of any money they may have paid upfront.

Is loosing all your research really worth it?? I think not.