In the Year 2018 . . .

While I didn’t do a lot of things, it was certainly a year of adding living people rather than deceased this past year.

Nancie gave me an ancestry dna kit for Christmas 2017 and I got the results back in mid February of 2018. While I am still trying to figure out the many different results, I did get some wonderful and new family added to my life.

While it took a bit to figure out how to get the card, I was finally able to get this before the upgrade of my breakdown:

my first dna card

It was shortly after this that they updated my results and it was with these that i ended up meeting a few family members through my dna.

The first person that I was in contact with was a distant cousin from Australia that is part of my Snabb Family Line. My Grandmothers’ brother Anton Lenart Snabb had moved to Australia and sadly, he passed away in 1948. We did know that he had a daughter, but we did not know what had happened with her until I had found that she had passed away at a very young age. I knew that she had 1 daughter but it turns out that she had 2 and it was the 2nd daughter that was also using dna to search for her birth mother, my Great Uncles’ daughter.

What was really great was that we got to meet when it turns out that her and her husband had already planned a trip/tour up to BC / Alberta from Australia and we were able to meet up here in Vancouver for a few hours before they went back under.

2nd Cousins — Lynelle and Susan

Another Swede-Fin find was with the last name Foresman. My Great-Great Grandmother was Lena Sofia Israeldotter Forsman. Her father was Israel Johansson Forsman. His older brother was Simon Erik Johansson Forsman.

It is through these two gentlemen , that I found another distant cousin, Pierre Forsman. To quote him “Simon Erik J Forsman who was my grandfathers grandfather ” What is nice is that Pierre lives in Florida and travels back to the home land. Like today he posted a video of of driving in Replot, Länsi-Suomen Lääni, Finland. It is through these that I can see where my family came from.

The next was another great find. There was a dna match to a James Rutledge. Sadly it was a few months before he had logged in and got my message on ancestry. It turns out that he is my 2x half cousin. How is he a half cousin you may ask? We both share the same Great Grandfather, Robert Rutledge — me through his first wife, Annie Dicks and he through his 2nd wife, Georgina Gifford.

This was the first time that I was able to be in touch with a Rutledge family member that I did not grow up with. James sent me a few pictures and matching them up with the only photo that I had of my Great Grandfather, I belive it was photos of Robert with his 2nd wife, their daughter that had passed away as a baby and the son that James was descended from. This is the merged photos. What do you think?

Robert Rutledge Merged Photos.

There were others that I have been in touch with, but they were not into really doing researching of past family connections but more about where geographic locations. So while it was nice to speak to them, they eventually never asked or answered questions, but you never know about the future.

But dna is not the only way that you can find or locate family members. Next next round of new family members was via facebook.

The first was started when I was doing one of my google search for my Great Aunt Alice Adele Viktoria Backman as her headstone did not show a married name for her. I came across a family tree that listed her as married. I did what I always did when trying to figure out something, I contacted my cousin Christer Rusén. He related through my Great Grandmother, Fredrika Samuela Rusén as her sister, Maria Evelina is his Grandmother. And as always, he was able to cofirm her marriage and also told me that some of her Grandchild were on facebook and I was able to get in touch with some of them — Pierre and Olaf Ångdal. I hope that I will be able to get in touch with the rest of the family. They are my 2nd cousins.

But that is not the only new Swedish family I was in touch with this past year. Many years ago, I had written to Mercy Abramsson, who is the daughter Dagmar Backman (the sister of my Grandfather, Gustav). Sadly, I think because I didn’t know much if any Swedish and she did not understand much English, we lost touch. That was until a little while ago when I received an email from Sweden — she had kept my letter these past 10 yrs and during a visit with her grandkids she showed them the letter I had sent all those years ago. They were surprised as they didn’t know about their Canadian family. We are 2 x cousin once removed ; and thanks to facebook, I am friends with them: Christian; Sandra & Louise Stark. There are also a couple more that I need to connect with.

There is also the fact that Pierre & Olaf are also 2 x cousin once removed of Christian; Sandra an Louise. i wonder if they know each other?

Now aside from these, I was also able to find the burial locations of many family members as well as photos, documents and places that we have lived in.

I had hoped that I could do the year without having to list a family member having passed this year, but sadly, just a few weeks ago, a distant cousin passed away. Randy Carl Every was through my Compton family line. I meet him a few years ago when I went to a family reunion. I had been corresponding with his Grandma for several years. She lived in Ontario and was a decended from the Lizzie Compton, who was the half sister of my GreatGrandfather, Charles Compton.

Also, sadly, Pierre & Olaf had lost their Mother earlier this year.

To end this year and rather long post, here are the stats of my database.

So now, I end 2018 — I hope that I have not missed anyone or anything .

May all my Family, no matter where in the world have a Happy & Healthy 2019.

My love to all.

How many Names make up me?

While, yes I am a Rutledge but how many other names flow into me from my past. According to the Stats for my website, there are currently 1,227 unique surnames. Now I am not related to all of them, I am related, one way or another to a lot of them. These are within 1,633 families.

First, I will talk about the English Side (My Dad)

What I find most interesting is that my Dads’ side is that the Rutledges are coming from Northern Ireland with a splash of Scottish. The rest are mostly English from Yorkshire or the Sussex regions of England.

The more distant relatives on the English side of my family came to the US from England — some stayed in the US while others travelled to Canada. I have cousins that are all over the world — Australia, USA, England, through Canada (Manitoba and Ontario mostly) and probably still in Northern Ireland.

One interesting fact is that I have a 5th Great Grandfather that was from Germany. You can read about him here — Descendant of a Hessian Solider

So it is probably true what those ancestry commercials say about everyone coming from all over the world.

Now my Scandinavian Side (My Mom’s side)

From my Mom I get my Swedish and Swede-Finn genes and names. The last names are fascinating because up until the early, I believe 19th century, last names changed with each generation.

An example would be myself and my brother — his last name would have been Waltersson and I would have been Waltersdotter.

There are a couple of names that are the same in both the Swedish side and the Swede-Finn side, especially the name Backman (which was my Grandfather’s last name). I find that I have several Backman that are in my Snabb (Swede-Fin) family but I have never found any connection between the branches.

Here is a photo that shows from me back to my GG-Grandparents — see how each generation gets bigger.

Last Names

That is all for now, hopefully my brain will function well enough that I will be able to do this more often that I have in the last few months. Fingers crossed.

Update to Lost Cemeteries

Back in 2014, I wrote about the Lost Cemeteries in New Westminister —

Lost Cemeteries

Well after a number of years of fighting, they have finally set a date for the reconstruction of the High School in 2017.

And while they say that the school will not be built on any of the cemeteries, there are still people that are opposed to the new building on the land. The New Westminster Indian Band and Chinese Benevolent Society of Vancouver seem to support the project, there are other groups like the B.C. Union of Indian Chiefs and Reconciliation for Canadians say they’re opposed.

The spokesman for the Reconciliation for Canada has stated “The public needs to understand that what they’re talking about is the desecration of a commissioned cemetery” There are apparently at least 33 families that have a stake in the cemetery and they have not been spoken with.

These were cemeteries for people of colour, that that these were commissioned cemeteries in the late 19th century.

There are no records that these cemeteries were ever decommissioned, but there is an application in 2009 to have the New Westminster School site deemed a Heritage Designation but as of this date, there has been nothing done.

The Government announcement stated:

The existing school was built on land formerly used as a burial ground, public works yard and staging area for the military during the Second World War. The new school building will be located on portions of the site outside the burial areas. All work within the designated heritage areas will be monitored by an archeologist to ensure the heritage requirements are met and any historic artifacts are appropriately recorded.

It will be interesting to watch as going forward this rich history that, for lack of a better word, has been buried since the school was originally built in 1949.

Hopefully soon, all those buried there will finally get to rest in peace.


The Year 2014

has been an interesting, fun, sad and ever changing one. As the year comes to an end, I look at the stats and wonder — who really cares?


This has been a trying year with deaths, births, engagements and many other changes.

I met (through email) new family members that have given me information and photos of family that I will never met or see or travel to.

I lost several family members this year and when a branch breaks, it is hard to except.

I got new relatives that I don’t see and older relatives I don’t see.

I was looking at the binders of information, photos, etc and I have to wonder why I do this anymore. What will happen to it all when I am gone. It is not something that Nancie is interested in and I don’t know of any family members (younger generation) that would be interested in getting these binders and caring on the research on either side of my family — English or Swed/Fin sides.

So my New Years Resolution will be to decided — continue on or to shred the information and find something else to keep me busy.

Happy New Year!!!

My Family Year 2013

There were many changes, additions and sadly, losses this past year.

I learned I was a descendent of a Puritans (which I know I need to still post more about).

I was contacted by various branches – some kept in contact and some didn’t but that is the way that these always happen. People are excited at first to find out information or people that are related but then after the first contact and minor exchanges, you don’t hear from them again.

Then there are the breakthroughs – you find out about people, you find where people are buried, what they did for a living, the best is finding living family members.

In the past month, I have been talking well facebooking with a 2nd cousin, who was posting on another cousins’ facebook page, and me being nosy (I know shocking isn’t it). I sent her a friend request and asked if we were somehow related because we shared the same last name. It turns out that she is the Granddaughter of my Grandfather (Gordon Elliott Rutledge) brother — a person I have little to know information about.

And she only lives about 30 minutes away from me!!! How cool is that. All these years, and she has been this close. And then on Christmas Eve, I mention her to my Dad and he says “Yeah, I think that years ago at one of Bob’s (my Uncle/Dad’s brother) birthday parties I met her. Never thought to tell you about her.”

But hopefully once, Christmas and moving is over, I will be able to meet her face to face.

And there are other cousins that I have met on facebook that I hope to be able to meet up with either for the first time (Denise Carol) or visit (Leanne) or cousins that live in the Lower Mainland / BC area that I can meet up with again (Carol, Marlene, Ted & Darlene). And there is my family far away – Australia, Sweden and Finland – maybe one day we will all meet face to face – it is a dream on my bucket list of life to meet you all.

And my family, I have been very bad this year at keeping in touch and I need to do more of that as the family grows.

But I also want to try and break through on the many things I haven’t been able to find — the most important is the Marriage Date of my Grandparents – I can find everything BUT that. It still is a mystery to me.

So as this year comes to a close and I think back on the year – our tree is still strong and growing stronger with each passing year. Hopefully the branches will continue to grow bigger, the roots will stay strong.

And though it is always nice to see the stats as I grow the tree, it is the people, the places and the stories that I love the most, like the story my Dad told me on Christmas Eve about his Uncle Percy and the bagpipes and raspberry bushes. It is things like that I want to concentrate more on in 2014.

What makes this family of my interesting – whether on the English side or the Swedish-Finnish side are the stories of lives lived. I hope to start collecting more of them as time goes by.

So, to my family close or far away, I hope that 2014 brings you all everything you ever wanted and more. And hopefully more meetings, reunions or just chats with each other.

My love always


The End of line . . .

yesterday, after having a visit with my parents then with my sister & brother, I came home and realized that we are the end of my Father’s line.

It is sad to think that the this branch that has the Rutledge line ends. My brother has 2 girls who will one day marry and their name will change.

My daughter has the Rutledge last name and has told me that she will never change her name if she marries, but in all likeliehood if she does have a child, it will have her husband/boyfriends last name.

My wish would be to have 1 finally family photo – my parents, myself, my daughter, my sister & family and my brother and his family.

But sadly, I don’t think it will happen. What I think I will do, I will get photos of everyone and photoshop them all together. Should have taken photos yesterday.

A mixture of both . .

— a taphophile and an amateur genealogist.

So, what do I like more? Really hard to say. I think it all depends on what is happening at the moment.

Findagrave and Grave Registration

I have to say that Findagrave fills my taphophile side. I love walking in cemeteries and taking photos. I love it when I can add a photo of someone ancestor. If I could spend all my days walking and taking photos, I would.

I don’t only take photos of headstones, but of all of the things that interest me including Angels, tree, or just how the cemetery looks at different times of the year.

This photo was taken in early fall a few years ago, it is sunset at Fraser Cemetery in New Westminster.


I say I am an amatuer genealogist even though I have been at this for over 10 years. I would love to be able to do this full time but in order for most people to take you seriously, you need a college degree and as far as I have seen, Ontario has the only courses to get a degree in Genealogy. And I find it sad that there are people who critize the “family genealogist” by saying we don’t know what we are doing; that we don’t follow through with our research, etc.

I have come to the conclusion that I will always continue to do what I like to do and damm the rest of the world/haters. I know who I am and what I enjoy, so there.

Family, friends and Facebook

Who would think that 3 such different things could come together to get you together with long lost family and never known family, and family that you never knew.

When I started on findagrave, I was the only one or so I thought, entering family. It is through entering the Beach Line (if you are on the Rutledge side of my family – Caroline Beach – the mother of Annie Dicks – mother of Robert Rutledge – father of my Grandpa – Gordon Elliott Rutledge).

While working through this line, I met a cousin, who lives in Oklahoma, a distant cousin in Australia as well as several other distant cousins in Canada and the US.

And with facebook, I have been able to re-connect with many cousins as well as their kids, who are more than just distant cousins, but friends now as well. And last night, one cousin sent me a possible friend request that is a cousin I haven’t seen or talked to in a very long time. I am just waiting for her to accept me — I hope she does.

And I hope that I will be able to continue to find family on both findagrave and facebook.

So, have you found family on facebook or if you are from findagrave, have you found family there?

Why this day is special to me . .

It is not only because, well it is my birthday but is is also a number of people in my family’s birthday.

As the picture below shows, these are the people:

Starting at the top:

My 7th Great Grandfather
My 4th Great Grandfather
My 5th Great Aunt
My Great Grandfather
My 2nd Great Uncle
The wife of my 3 x cousin 3 times
My 2 x cousin once removed
My Aunt through marriage to my Uncle Alf
My 2 x cousin 2 times removed

And it is a mixture of Swedish, Finnish, English and Canadian.

And just to prove I really was a baby at one time in this life,

Lord I was cute all those years ago!!! Ha ha ha