An new old Family Member – Rutledge

found. Although an old family member, it seems that he is not really been linked to the family before.

Grant Victor Gifford Rutledge, born on 28 Sep 1913, York County, Ontario, Canada. The son of Robert Rutledge and Jean Gifford.

Now, I have seen the name Grant talked about before. In a letter from Robert Rutledge to my Grandfather, his son, Gordon. The year is 1947 and he talks about Grant being an Office Clerk and that Mother was visiting from Lindsay, Ontario. I have been told that although they did not divorce, at least that is what is said, that Robert and his 2nd wife, Georgina (Jean) did not live together.

Several years ago, I found out about their daughter, Verna Eileen Hope Rutledge, who died at just over a year old but there has never been a mention of a son before this.

I have been looking at the 1921 Canadian Census in hoping of finding something linking my Grandparents together as I haven’t found their marriage date yet but I found this:

1921 Canada Census

the list shows them as Ruthledge but all the names match up, except the listing of a son, Grant, age 7:

Robert Ruthledge 46
Jean Ruthledge 31
Russel Ruthledge 19
Gordon Ruthledge 18
Grant Ruthledge 7

So, who was this Grant? I hope to find something about him, but as the Birth Records only go to 1913, would it be possible as they list him as 7, which mean he could have been born in 1914, depending on when the Census was taken. So I took a chance, typed in his name, year of birth as 1913 and place of birth Ontario.

Well, look what comes up:

Grant Victor Gifford Rutledge

A new Grand Uncle!!!

Then thinking more about why I had never heard the name before or anything else about him, I googled his name and came up with a Wedding Announcement for him. It is interesting as it mentions his Mom, Jean Rutledge but not his Dad, who was still alive in 1946 as I have a letter from him written in 1947 as well as I have a letter he wrote to me in 1958.

Wedding Announcement in the Ottawa Times.

After the letter, there is nothing I know about Grant, his wife or if he had any family. They did stay in Ontario as they are listed in the Canada Voters List until 1974, so he would have been 61 years old.

And his Mom, Georgina Gifford Rutledge – what happened to her? Where did she go? When did she pass??

So many unanswered questions.

As for the letters, I have them scanned as pdf files and they will not upload as they are too big, I will have to find another way to show them.

In the mean time, I will now have to search for Grant and family — hello, are you out there? Are you reading this and wondering who I am???

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