My 2nd Great Aunt Laura Rutledge

Laura (Lila) was the 2nd child and daughter of Robt. Rutledge and Ellen Elliott. There is confusion with her birth date as it is either 1872 or 1873, with my best guess as being 1872. Why you may asked?? I have not been able to find a birth record, but her Marriage record lists her birthdate as about 1872 but her death record has Jan 8 1873 – but her brother, Thomas was born Jan 24 1873, so I believe she was probably born in 1872. She is listed in many records as Lila Rutledge.

She married Dr Hugh McLean on May 16, 1901 in York, Ontario, Canada. It shows another strange comment about her birth date — it lists it as 1872 but says she was born in Bolton, England not Bolton, Ontario. Her parents had already had 1 child in Canada having married here so being born in England is totally wrong.

She and Hugh went on to have 4 children, including a daughter that was stillborn in 1903. Sadly she passed away on March 29th, 1912 of Dysentery. This then brings about the final mystery of Laura(Lila) Rutledge McLean. I have 2 separate newpaper articles about her death. The first one just says:
St Thomas Times 
Page 8 c1 Died –
Dr McLean Bereaved – Mr and Mrs W K Cameron were called to Guelph Friday morning owing to the sudden death of their sister-in-law, Mrs McLean, wife of Dr Hugh McLean, of that city. Mrs McLean was formerly Miss Laura Rutledge of Toronto. Besides her husband, three children survive.

I was also able to find a copy of her obituary which states where she is funeral and burial:

While this listed her being buried in Humberstone Cemetery, that cemetery is now called Overholt Cemetery . In contacting the cemetery, sadly there is no listing of her burial . Her husband and children moved to California where he remarried and had several more children. The 3 remaining children of Lila sadly died before I could be in touch with anyone to find where she was truly buried.