A Distant cousin with an interesting life . . .

Francis Faudane aka Mary Frances aka Margaret Carmen Elliott is a distant cousin through my Elliott Line. She is my cousin 3 times removed. In researching this line, I discovered her story through another relative on ancestry.ca.

I hope that you find her as interesting as I did and I hope that the information is all in the correct order.

Francis was the third of eight children on Andrew Elliott and Ann Elizabeth Farnham, born on December 19, 1889 in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. She had somewhat sad  start to her life, with her mother loosing a few children over the next few years. It was once she married and started having children of her own that she seemed to go slightly off the rails.

This is a photo of her a a puppy, year unknown

One of the first false identies that she had was with her first marriage to Jack Cromier on 22 Nov 1909 • Penetanguishene, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, Although her birth record list her as “Francis Fandam Elliott” her marriage record shows her as Mary Francis.

She and Jack had 2 children. The first was a daughter, Ruth Alma was born in 1910 but by 1921, she was living with her Grandparents who took her in after Francis had put Ruth in a Convent. She also had a son who was born in 1915, 2 years before her husband Jack died. By 1921, according to the records, Maximilian (Max), age 6, was living the Arthur Beach family. This I am goig to look further into as Beach is another family line of mine.

Family info says at some point, Fanny simply disappeared. Since all of her children were other people in 1921, she must have left about 1919-1920, after the birth of Rex Wm. (Young) Meville. in Winchester, Dundas,

He was adopted by his mother’s aunt, Margaret (Maggie) Ann (Elliott) Meville & her husband Alexander Meville between birth and age 2. . In the 1921 Cens Rex was living with them as “Rex Young.” Although his last name was young, it is not known who his father was.

Although no record has been found as of Apr 2019. Fanny identified herself has Margaret Carman Cormier when she apparently married her 2nd husband. They had no chidren.

Fanny died in 1952 and is buried in the  Perry Mount Park Cemetery, close to her sister, Doroty M Spittle. She buried there under the name Margaret Frances Lawrencebut her headstone says Frances Elliott Lawrence.