Family Lore — Are we Witches????

There is a Family Lore that we could possibly decedents of the Witches of Salem through our Beach Family Line.

In 1653, there was a woman that was named Goody Knapp who was hung from the gallows and then her body removed and taken down to be examined by several women. It was said to be strange sight was this group of 7 women gathered around to “examine a naked woman”.

This is where our relative comes in, with a little confusion.

Mary Staples was one of the woman and she was later accused of being a witch herself. The confusing part is that no one really knows which Mary Staples it was as there were 2 Mary Staples – my 9th Great Grandmother and her daughter, Mary who was married into the Beach Family to John Beach.

What happened is that one of the founders of Connecticut Colony, Roger Ludlow accused Mary Staples of making “a trade of lying” and that “she was probably a witch.” This is found in court papers from 1654.

She was also accused of being good friends with Goody Knapp by Roger Ludlow. This resulted in Thomas Staples (9th Great Grandfather) filing a lawsuit again Roger for slander. Thomas won the case, and the celebrated Roger Ludlow was fined 15 pounds.

There have been other stories about that it could have been that daughter, Mary that was the accused but most of the stories are about Mary, wife of Thomas.

So, maybe people have it wrong — I am not a “”*itch” but a Witch!!!!

Victory Memorial Park

I haven’t been able to visit a cemetery in awhile because of the problems with my legs and things but I decided to look back at some of the photos I have taken at the different places I have been.

This cemetery is about a 45 minute drive from my place to out in Surrey.

The cemetery was opened as a Field of Honour for Veterans and their family members and originally was called The Veterans Memorial Park. The first burial took place in March of 1959.

The original landmarks were a 65 foot cross (which is still there today)and two Howitzer guns placed on either side of the cross. Later these guns were removed and given to the City of White Rock and the Vancouver Armoury.

It has gone through a few owners before the recent owners. There have also been several sections added including: for Beth Tikvah Jewish Congregation from Richmond, St. Vartan’s Armenian Church, the Canadian Hussaini Association and the BC Muslim Association. There was also a beautiful Cermation Section with streams, waterfalls within a beautiful forest section.

Here are some of the photos I have taken over the years.

Cross at the Entrance to the Cemetery

One of the 2 fountains as you drive into the cemetery

The following are in the cremation section

Cremation Section

Cremation Section

Cremation Section

Cremation Section

Hopefully by next Spring I will be able to walk and visit again to such a peaceful and relaxing place.