The Year 2014

has been an interesting, fun, sad and ever changing one. As the year comes to an end, I look at the stats and wonder — who really cares?


This has been a trying year with deaths, births, engagements and many other changes.

I met (through email) new family members that have given me information and photos of family that I will never met or see or travel to.

I lost several family members this year and when a branch breaks, it is hard to except.

I got new relatives that I don’t see and older relatives I don’t see.

I was looking at the binders of information, photos, etc and I have to wonder why I do this anymore. What will happen to it all when I am gone. It is not something that Nancie is interested in and I don’t know of any family members (younger generation) that would be interested in getting these binders and caring on the research on either side of my family — English or Swed/Fin sides.

So my New Years Resolution will be to decided — continue on or to shred the information and find something else to keep me busy.

Happy New Year!!!