One of my Mystery Pictures . .

my Mom has many photos in her collections that come from Sweden, Finland as well as Canada, a lot of which do not have names or even an idea of which side of the family they come from. This is one of them.

Little Girl

She is such a cute little girl, I wish that I knew the name, the year or where she is from. She has almost a sad look on her face.

I have looked and tried to see some sort of family resemblance with other family. I think that with the blond hair she is from Sweden, as all the family from Finland had dark hair. The photo was in a set of photos my Mom had which is why I think she is either from Sweden or Finland not my English side. But then I could be wrong.

So I hope that this is a reminder that you should date and name photos, I know that I am trying with mine.

A Photo Story . . .

I am going to post a photo and with it, the history of the photo.

The first one will be from Sweden. And is called The Placing of Poles.

Placing Poles

My Mom had this picture and there was writing on the back of it but it had been glued in the photo album and alot was unreadable.. . With the help of my cousin, Christer & the museum in Åskilje, Västerbotten, Sweden, they were able to let me know the following:

The names from left to right:

Nils Johan Eriksson; Jan-Ersen; Halvar Byström; Johan-Olov Rusén; Karl Mattsson; Hjalmar Larsson; Artur Åström; Oskar Eriksson; Fredrik Fredriksson, Valdemar – Strömberg och Valdemar Jäger.

Valdemar Strömberg is work foreman

Christer even got the name of the horse, it´s “Mat-Jonk”. Mat means food so I guess he liked to eat. I´m not sure but I think Jonk is a nickname for some real name, but I don´t know which.

This was when they were placing Poles for electrical wires in 1923.

Johan-Olov Rusén is 2nd Great Uncle.

It is photos like this that make Family History come to life for me. I must have thousands of scanned photos.

Do you have an old family photo = English or Swedish or Finnish that you would like to share with me? I would love any I could get and stories behind them are even better.

It has been awhile but

being sick does that to you. You just let things go to the side, but I am finally feeling better and hope to get back to writing more as I have found more and more information about my family tree, especially the Beach side and several articles about my GG Grandfather, Walter Dicks.

My original post on Walter Dicks, is here – Sgt Walter Dicks

I haven’t gotten much more information on him, I did find a couple of articles that back up that he did work for the Ottawa Police Department and a little bit better photo of him close to the time he died.

Walter Dicks

Walter Dicks

And then there is an article Congratulating him on becoming a Sargeant – A Police Constable . .

I also found another article about his funeral and how he got Masonic Honours, flowers for the family, etc. It also talks about him being a police Sargeant – Late Walter Dicks

Now, you would think with all these articles, the picture of him in his uniform, etc that he would be the the Book called 100 Years of the Ottawa Police Department, right? Wrong!! The book is for sale on ebay and I asked the guy selling it if there was anything about him. He wrote back and said no, he was not listed in the index nor could he see his name in the section for that time frame. What a piss off!!!!

But at least I have the information and remember him as a wonderful man and what seems to be a great Police Officer as well.