A Compton Family Story . . .

On Christmas Eve, Nancie and I went to see my parents, and somehow the conversation turned to my Family Tree — now this is something that doesn’t really happen all that much with them.

My Mom wanted to know when my G-Grandfather Charles Compton died as she was wondering how old he was when he painted some of the paintings she has of his. As we were looking at the paintings, she pointed out one that was done by his son, Percy Compton.

Percy was the only son to come home from WWI. While the rest of the family joined the service in Canada, Percy joined while still in England and served there. He did not arrive in Canada until 1919 after completing his service. At this point, he was already a father of 2, having married the first time at the age of 20.

Percy was one of the first family members that I thought I had discovered a long, hidden family secret. When I got his Death Registration, it said that he died in Oakalla Prison in Burnaby. I phone my Dad to gentle ask about his Uncle Percy. Well, it turned out that he was a Shoe Maker and he was hired to teach the inmates how to make shoes, nothing scary. He had originally been a Shoe Maker, working out of his home. His marriage record lists him as a Boot Maker.

But back to the story.

Dad was explaining about Percy being a Bag Pipe Player. Seems that the Comptons are quite musically, even this generation has a lot of Compton members in Bands.

So, apparently, Uncle Percy played the bag pipes in some sort of band and he liked to practise on the weekends. Now, according to my Dad, his Auntie Connie use to get a little upset when he would start practising in the house, so then Uncle Percy would take his pipes and go to the backyard, into the Raspberry Garden and walk among the rows practising his bagpipes.

Now, that would be something to see. I wonder what his neighbours thought of that. I hope it wasn’t too early in the morning.

These are the stories I like, hearing about the little things that people did. Hopefully, I can get more from my Dad or I can work on others giving me stories about family.

Stories and pictures, the things I love the most.