Not feeling Find-A-Grave too much

these days.

While I still love walking cemeteries, adding photos and information, I am just finding all the disagreements and the complaints and basic bitching of people in the forums there to just be too much.

And the big problem is the different sides of findagrave — those that follow the true meaning of findagrave (a grave registration site) and those that want to be able to not only do grave registration but also use it for building a family tree. Now using it for a family tree really doesn’t work because if you know that your GGG-Grandfather died in Finland in 1782 but you don’t have the location of the burial, then you would have to make it a Burial Unknown (BU) – which goes against the true meaning – grave registration.

So then what can start out as an innocent post in the forums, because crazy because of the BU positions of people.

The last was that someone wanted to add people as friends on the Main Site (where memorials are posted) and put a link to their name. Well, along came the Non-BU people and complained about the fact that he had a few BUs. Then of course, the ones that think a few BUs is fine, defended him and it now has gone on for days.

I am not a big forum person, I post when I have something that I think will help or information that I have about the subject, but normally I am what people call a Lurker. In fact, the 2 months that I didn’t post after my stroke in 2009, no one really even knew I wasn’t there.

There is another thing with findagrave that has been a disappoint for me is the photo requests. I was so excited when they came to Canada. I thought finally, I can really help people on the site, but it just seems to have become a feeding ground for people to come, request a photo, not add anything to the memorial or site and then just take the photo and post it on ancestry or other places.

My reason for not wanting to do the photos for ancestry are simple: Findagrave is a free site – no charges, while ancestry charges people. And people there do not seem to think that you need to add a source for your information. But if I take a photo for you in 2013 and the headstone is perfect but then you manage to visit or someone else does and the headstone is damaged, you will have a time frame as to when it happened. Or if there is no headstone and there should have been one, according to Great-Aunt J – then you can look into it.

But photos, information, etc without sources is just family lore – you really don’t know what is true.

So, the decision for me is — do I keep adding to findagrave; do I stop doing photo requests; stay out of the forums.
I guess only time will tell – when the weather gets good for going out and walking about.

Edit Amanda Snabb Backman . .

was my Grandma. Such a long name for a woman that I remember as a tiny woman. She is located here — Edit Amanda Snabb

She was the 7th and youngest child of Johannes Snabb and Lena Forsman. She, along with 2 sisters and 1 brother left Finland – the sisters went to the USA and the brother went to Australia.

She moved to Canada, arriving in Montreal, Quebec on September 21, 1929. The family story that I was told was that she wished to join her sisters in the USA but because of her health problems, she was not allowed entry. So, from Montreal, she moved to Vancouver, BC.

It was here that she lived in a boarding house in Vancouver were she met and married a young Swede named Gustav Backman. they married on November 11, 1930 — just a little over a year after she came to Canada. The funny thing is that if you look at their marriage registration, they are both living at the same address – 4888 Argyle Street, Vancouver, BC

They moved into a home in North Burnaby and together raised a family of 4 children including my Mom.

This photo was probably taken by my Auntie Vera, so she is not shown in here:


I remember her as a very quiet woman, who did not really understand that much English. She spent her life the old-fashioned way – staying at home, cooking, cleaning and raising her children.

Sadly, she died too young and never did get to go back home to Finland to visit, although she did get to visit her sister, Hulda who lived just across the boarder in Anacortes, Washington, USA.

And it was because of her & my Grandfather, that I went searching and found so much family in Finland and Sweden. After starting with my Dad’s father, my Mom said I would never find out anything about her side, but once I located the area, the internet and regular snail-mail opened a wonderful new branch of my family.

Yes, we are Beachs . . .

In the continuing story of who I/we are, I thought I would talk about how we are members of a very large group — The Beach Family of Canada, founders of the town of Beachburg, Ontario.

On the papers I received from my Grandfather about the family, it talked about how my 2nd Great Grandmother, Caroline Margery Beach was related to the Beach Family of Beachburg, Ontario. So, I began my search and found this very, very large website about the Beaches of Canada.

I had her marriage and death record that stated who her parents were, John Beach and Margery Robinson. They were both listed on the Beach website, but she was not. Ok, that happens, I know that I probably don’t have everyone listed that I should have on mine.

Now this one one of my first finds and I was so excited about it. I emailed the person in charge of the website and explained how I was related. I didn’t think that I would have to send the proof then, I was letting them know this information. So wrong.

After a few days, I got this rather curt email that basically said “anyone can say they are part of a family, but without proof it isn’t always so”. hmmm, I had proof, so I emailed him and showed it to him. And then he believed me and it opened up the tree to lots and lots and lots of people.

About Caroline — she is the grand-daughter of David Beach, who was the founder of Beachburg, Ontario, Canada. She was the 3rd child of John Beach and Sarah Robinson. Caroline married Walter Dicks of England, and together they had 8 children, including my Great-Grandmother Annie Dicks who was married to Robert Rutledge.

Caroline outlived her husband, Walter and their son Walter Frederick who died in WWI.

An interesting fact, while researching the Beach family on findagrave, I found and connected on findagrave and facebook, a 7th cousin who lives in Oklahoma.

There is also the fact that the Beach Family married into the McCargar Family and through that line, I came in contact with a woman whose 5th Great-Grandmother – is my 5th Great-Aunt. And this woman lives in Australia.

So, we are really spread around the world.

My Great Grandfather – Part Three

this took a little longer than I thought because I had hoped that the information that I had requested from the Canadian Archives would arrive on time, but they haven’t so I will go with what I know.

Robert was an inventor. He created The Rutledge Pure Air Systems. As you will see by the pamphlets listed below, it was a system to help butchers and others in keeping meat fresh.

I have scan the 2 that I got from my Mom, they are pdf files so hopefully everyone will be able to see them.

The Rutledge Humdifying System


Rutledge Pure Air Systems Ltd

the story, as I have heard it is that while he did apply for a patent, there was a cost involved that he just could not pay, so he got together with a group of men, they paid the cost for applying for the patent and then all would get a share of the money. But as time went by, they slowly worked Robert out of the company.

This is the letter that he sent to them and if you read it, these men only had very few shares. And after that they didn’t file paperwork with the government for taxes or anything, they just let the company die out. The actual current package I have is about 20+ pages long and goes into how they (the Government) were requesting information for the past 3 years. It also names the people involved in it, so I will not post this here in case their family doesn’t know they are rip-off artists. Just click on the letter to make it bigger to read.


Would we have been rich?? or would it have failed during the War? Who knows but it is sad to think that he was taken advantage of. The papers I currently have are from 1937 to 1939, the other set that I am waiting for is from July 1929 to November 1933, so hopefully it will have more about the beginning of the company instead of the sad end of the company.