The End of line . . .

yesterday, after having a visit with my parents then with my sister & brother, I came home and realized that we are the end of my Father’s line.

It is sad to think that the this branch that has the Rutledge line ends. My brother has 2 girls who will one day marry and their name will change.

My daughter has the Rutledge last name and has told me that she will never change her name if she marries, but in all likeliehood if she does have a child, it will have her husband/boyfriends last name.

My wish would be to have 1 finally family photo – my parents, myself, my daughter, my sister & family and my brother and his family.

But sadly, I don’t think it will happen. What I think I will do, I will get photos of everyone and photoshop them all together. Should have taken photos yesterday.

Just love people that get . .

offended when I tell them to remove my photos when they haven’t credited either myself or findagrave for the headstone photos that they have taken and put on their family tree on ancestry.

I asked 2 different users to remove 3 photos that they had taken. Both people, sent me back almost the same comment:

Sorry to have offended you and violated your copyright. The photos are off my tree forever more…


I’m sorry if I’ve offended you–I’ve have taken it down-

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have photos that I have taken for findagrave and people that have requested them and asked me if they can have them on their family trees. I do allow it BUT have them put”© 2012 by Susan L Rutledge – Findagrave Memorial XXXXXXXXXX” — which to me is the correct thing to do. And I do check to make sure that they do. Most people don’t mind doing that extra step and some even put in their requests that they will show that you took the photo.

Now, one of the women had taken the photos, given credited to a woman that has taken photos for me in a different cemetery and listed them in the wrong cemetery. In fact the cemetery she listed them in is in Ontario and I am in BC.

The other woman has several requests for photos in Cemeteries that I am the only person that does the requests out here, now I will not do them and she will have to wait for someone else to take them.

You know it isn’t just getting credit for the photo but it is about making sure that the proper resource is there. As I know that when looking for headstones, they sometimes disappear through age or sadly, vandalism. If is is there, then you know the year the photo was taken, so you can roughly know when it was not missing/damaged.

I have a photo that I took in Mountain View of an Angel which when you visit her now, she is missing her head and hands. Vandals broke them off and took them, so she can’t even be repaired. I took the photo in 2008, she was destroyed in 2009.

The thing is just because something is on the internet does mean its up for grabs. Just like if you have your car in the street — doesn’t mean it is there for anyone to use.

Just ask — most times people will say yes!

Christmas Memories — New Ones

While Christmas memories of the past are a wonderful thing, new memories or traditions are good as well.

I don’t remember when Nancie and I started this tradition but for the last few years, it has been a standard for us.

We have always loved to watch a Christmas Carol (B&W version with Alastair Sim), then we would load the tree with the presents, fill the stockings and off to bed to get up in the morning and open everything and then go to someones place for dinner.

Well, we started having Christmas dinner at home, it was just more relaxing for the two of us and with Nancie working most Christmas Eves til late, it was about the only time that we could be together as our little family.

But things got a little changed a few years ago, and now we have a, what some might find strange, but our little Christmas Eve tradition.

One Christmas Eve, I had worked in the day and Nancie had worked til around 10 or so but we still wanted our Christmas Carol movie night, so we put the presents under the tree, filled the stockings, got in our PJs and then curled up and watched the movie.

By the time the movie had finished, it was just after 12 and I don’t know who said it but the comment was made “Hey, its Christmas, lets open presents” So, we stayed up and opened the presents, laughed and had fun in the early morning hours. Then we went off to bed and slept in on Christmas morning – walking into a living room with paper, and ribbons and boxes everywhere and unwrapped presents under the tree.

So now, every Christmas Eve, we put the presents under the tree, filled the stockings, get in our PJs, curled up and watched the movies (our DVDs now have A White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street and of course, A Christmas Carol). And when midnight comes, we open our presents, sometimes watch a new DVD if we get one, and then leaving the papers, etc we go off to bed and sleep in.

So, do you have any traditions that your parents didn’t have that you have started with your kids???

And if I don’t get back before then:

Merry Christmas
Happy Christmas (for those traditional English family)
God Jul (Swedish)
Hyvää Joulua! (Finnish)

Christmas Memories – Stockings

I think for little kids, stockings are the one of the most magical things about Christmas. I mean, you hang up these empty stockings (sometimes old socks) and then the next day they have candies, oranges, colouring books, Barbie clothes, and other little things. It is like hunting for Easter Candy but it is altogether in one place.

One of the things that was always fun at our house was the “Insta-Stockings Filled” movie after Christmas. This was the days of Kodak 8mm film.

On Christmas Eve, we would get in our PJs and walk into the livingroom carrying our stockings, smiling and ready to pin them to the back of the couch (we didn’t have a fireplace — we were told Santa came through the hole in the basement where the chimney for the furnace was, or at least that is what I was told).

But my Dad would have his camera with the really bright lights, filming us as we came in and Mom helped us pin up the socks. Then he would stop the camera. The next morning, we would come in, and in the same positions, hold the filled-up socks. When you watched the film, we would be holding empty stockings then POW they were filled.

As in the picture below, for quite a few years – Gaile had a red&white stocking while Ron & I had old woolen socks.

And then years later, my Auntie Verna made us all matching stockings. I still have and hang my to this day.

So, do you have a stocking from childhood & do you get it filled every year.

Christmas Memories — Part 2

This is a memory that I don’t think anyone in our family will forget.

For about a year or so, I had been begging my parents for an organ. I knew that a piano was out of the question, but an organ, a small little organ that I could have in my room and play and become a star!!! I so wanted an organ.

Well, Christmas morning comes and there under the tree is a box that could contain an keyboard organ – it was the right size and shape – long, thin box. The best part — IT WAS ADDRESS TO ME!!!!!!!

I knew, I just knew, deep down in my soul that that was my organ. Oh, I was so excited and just couldn’t wait.

My parents smile and hand me the box. I rip off the paper, I open the box and there it is . . .

A basketball and hoop


I just kept looking at it and saying “A basketball??? A basketball???” Looking at my parents “A Basketball???”

I was so surprise. I wasn’t an athletic kid == I was a short, round, little girl. I didn’t play sports.

But I did accept the present and did play at home and even tried out for the High School team – I think I was like the spare-spare-spare-spare-spare person. I didn’t even have a uniform. If the whole team was ill, then I might get to play but probably only if the other team didn’t show up. And even then, we would have probably lost.

But I will always remember the basketball.

Just like I am sure that my sister and brother remember the year that Santa left an entire box of the presents in the basement instead of putting them under the tree.

Oh, and the next year, Santa brought a small organ for the whole family to play. It was around for years – even Nancie and her cousins played on it.

Christmas Memories — Part 1 . . .

This is the time of year that memories of Christmases past come rushing back — the baking, the shopping, the Christmas Eve drives around the the city to visit family, the insta-stocking fills on home movies and Christmas Day.

Driving on Christmas Eve

On those long ago Christmas Eves, we would get dressed up in our finest clothes and then my parents would pack up the presents for family and drive us around to the Grandparents and sometimes to my Aunt & Uncles. It didn’t matter about the weather, we went – rain, fog or even a snow storm, always the same way. We would first go up to my Dads’ parents house up on Smith Avenue.

There would be the occasional other family members there – cousins, Uncles or Aunt. Looking back, it was always a more formal type of setting – we all sat in the livingroom or the ladies in the kitchen. We would talk about the past year, how things were going. There was no running around, playing, we never opened presents there. There would be sometimes pictures taken, but mostly talking.

At some point, my Dad would say “Time to go” And we would be bundled back up and heading out to my Mom’s Family that lived up in North Burnaby – so we would have to head up the hill, which when it was snowing was not always the best.

Most of the time, we were there to meet up with my Mom’s brothers’ family and her sisters’ family to exchange presents with them. At my Grandpa’s house my Auntie Ingrid lived as well. My Auntie Ingrid was a special person. She, for as long as I can remember, had a child-like innocence. She would tell stories that as we grew older, we knew could not possibly be true, but were true to her.

There was always fresh baking – done in a wood stove. There was my Grumpy old Grandpa and all my cousins around. And no matter how much my parents didn’t want us opening any presents, we always managed to open one or two of them.

I think it was there that I learned my loved of the old B&W Christmas Carol movie as they only had a B&W TV.

And then there was the sideboard – it always topped with cookies, chips, dip, cheese & crackers and little glass dish with Swedish berries in it. There were the cards from Sweden and Finland. But what I loved the most was decorated with these old pictures in the glass with tinfoil behind them. i loved to look at them. It is a memory that lives today because when my Aunt died, I bought the sideboard from the estate and the pictures were still in the windows. And every Christmas, we carefully tape them back up again.

Still not having any luck in finding my

Grandparents wedding date. The only certificate seems to have her married to someone else!

And I can find no records of this so-called husband. Could she have been married to someone else and he died or left her? Then my Grandpa came along??

The strange thing, is most Marriage Records are by the husband then the wife — I cannot find any listing for a Gordon Elliott Rutledge getting married in Ontario? Did they go someplace else?

While the certificate I find has some things similar to my Grandma, there are differences:

1. The husband – Austin Cyril Ayres – this is not my Grandfather
2. It has her age as 18 – she was born in 1903, so this could be correct
3. Her Mother is listed as Margaret Winters – her Mother is Susannah Winters
4. They have her as working in a Factory – I don’t know if she was or not.

The year is close to what I have been told – November 1920, with her having my Auntie Verna in 1923.

So, it begs the question – am I a Rutledge or are we really Ayres and did my Grandfather change his name? If so, why??

One day, this will be solved.

Here is the only record I can find: