Sold – Ancestry has been sold to

a European private equity firm for $1.6 billion. This is according to the article here – Ancestry Sold.

So what will that mean to the many, many members of Ancestry — will the prices go up?? Will all our hard work be used to further this new owners pockets? Or will there be an influx of more history from Europe. I hope that it isn’t just a group of people that want to earn money off our hard work and input.

I know that there are quite a few people that don’t like ancestry because it is a paid site. But then, nothing in this world is really free is it?? And when we, the general public add information, it is for the betterment of the ancestry but do we get back what we put in?

Well, I have to say, I have gotten a lot:

  • Burial Records of family
  • Marriage, birth and death records
  • Photos of family members – copied/used with permission from the member
  • Names of missing family
  • But the most important thing — I found family — distant and not so distant.

    I guess the price of it is worth it to me. If if goes up, then I don’t know unless they add more information with easier access to it. And that there is more than just the US information. I love the US but would love more information from Canada as well as Finland, Sweden, Northern Ireland, Frances and oh, can they go South to Australia & New Zealand.

    I certainly hope that maybe with the new owners that they will continue the good work, improve some things and continue on helping us genealogists continue to find our family and past.

    So, what changes would you like the new owners put into place? Anyone??

    Sometimes people just don’t understand . . .

    the true meaning of findagrave or how to use it. Then when you explain – they get pissed off at you.

    I don’t remember the first time I found the site, but I did and since then have worked on it for over 5 years, adding family and non-family (whole cemeteries), some with and some without photos. But basically to me, it was to add to the database of a grave registration site not to build a family tree.

    Yes, if I have my family there, I have link the parents and children together. I add any information I have about the family, pictures, etc. If it doesn’t have a headstone photo, I request one hoping that some kind photo volunteer will take a photo of it. When a picture does arrive I thank the person and then I link the memorial to the person in my family website – I do not take the photo and copy it – it doesn’t belong to me.

    If there is family on there that someone else has added, I will send any information that I have that can be added, put the person in a Virtual Cemetery. An example would be the Beach Family. My GG-Grandmother was a Beach, and while, yes I have a lot of the family I don’t have all of them. So, I have them together in their own little cemetery. From this, I link the family together on my website.

    What people don’t realize is that you don’t need to own or control the memorial. The rule is within 4 generations.

    Then there are the people that come along and get all excited about findagrave and want to have “ownership” of the memorial. This happened to me about a month ago. I had been slowly adding names and photos to a local cemetery, OceanView . I got two emails one morning telling me how happy she was to have found her grandparents and she had updated the memorials. Hmm, how could she have updated the memorials I had entered?? I look and she had created 2 new memorials, basically duplicating most of my work. I checked both memorials, added anything new she had put on hers and transferred the originals to her and left a message that duplicates were not permitted on findagrave and she should delete hers.

    Well, she didn’t — she didn’t want my name or photos on the memorials. She went so far as to change the names, delete all the information, move the memorials to burial unknown (even though she could not delete the photos I had taken) and left her duplictes. I had to go to an admin to merge the memorials together. They took the information from mine and her information and merged the two memorials together with all information, I as the creator and she has the Manager (which means I cannot make any changes to it). This is how it should be. Oh and she has not come back to the site since they were merged.

    Then last weekend, someone fulfilled a photo request in Regina for the husband of my 3rd Great Aunt. Great!!! He also left a note that he had information on other family members in the cemetery. Wonderful!! But what does he do?? He wants a record of where he has posted photos, so he duplicates my memorial — including that line “This is the husband of my 3rd Great Aunt” AND he took pictures off of her Memorial as well as one of her son that died her in BC. I had taken the photo in BC and another member had taken the photo in Manitoba.

    I emailed him and said that you cannot duplicate memorials or take pictures from other memorials. I explained how the copyright of photos worked. I explained that if he wanted to keep track of his photos, then put the memorials into a virtual cemetery. Well, he had a hissy fit – he wasn’t going to help people anymore; that he wasn’t going to give me the information about the Thompson family in the Regina Cemetery, etc. etc. I checked to see if he had removed his photo (he hadn’t) but since his complaints to me, it seems he has had more trouble with duplicating people.

    How hard is it people to read the FAQs of a site and learn what the site is about; what you can or cannot do and just get along with others.

    So for anyone thinking of getting into findagrave, read the FAQs first, join the forums, search and double search that the person you are about to enter hasn’t been entered BUT most of all realize that is is a grave registration site not a family tree builder site. Great resource for your family tree but again, not a family tree builder.

    An update to the BC Archives Searches

    thanks to a reader from findagrave, who sent me the following about the BC Archives Genealogy Datebase searches:

    A couple of caveats:
    Before about 1920, the some of the same registration numbers were used for both marriages and deaths. The links referenced go to the marriage in both cases. RBCM is aware of the problem.

    Some numbers in the death certificates were reused and given an A designator (or, rarely, a B or C). They don’t show on the Vital Records index system, but they are supposedly easily found on the microfilm. I just received an email today from RBCM explaining the situation.

    A good thing to know when you are doing searches.

    A shoutout thanks to SDS.

    Some photos taken while

    walking around some cemeteries here in the Lower Mainland. Sometimes when I am fulfilling requests, something in a cemetery will just catch my eye.

    Most of my photos are in my photo blog, but here are a couple that I have taken over the past little while.

    This is a summer afternoon at Forest Lawn:

    And this was on a rainy afternoon at Forest Lawn

    And lastly, tonight while getting a couple of requests when the rain stopped, St Peter’s with the new bridges in the background.

    The search continues . .

    to find out when my Grandparents got married.

    As in a previous post, I mentioned how the only registration on-line, has my Grandmother married to someone else. But while some of the information is correct on the form, there is enough to be not correct.

    Now, apparently, they married in November but what year or date is not known. A distant cousin told me that they had a paper that said November 1921 but when I ordered the Microfilm for that year and there was nothing.

    So, I have ordered the film for 1919, 1920, 1922 and 1923 — and hopefully it will be in one of those reels as my Aunt was born in 1923. And the rumour is that my Grandmother was underage when she married, so going by her birth date the reels I have ordered have her at 16, 17, 19 and 20.

    And this of course this all plays into my last 2 post about dating photos as I have these 2 —

    My Grandmother on what looks like her wedding day with my Great-Auntie Mary (her sister)

    and then there is this photo, of their 34th Wedding Anniversary and no date!!!!!

    So, it will take anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks to get copies of the microfilm sent here, so maybe as everyone seems to think that they are married in November the mystery will be solved by the time their anniversary rolls along.

    Some things to do to identify people

    in photos.

    Ok, you know that not everyone in your family, past or present, will remember to/or written the name of the people on photos. There are things you can do to try and identify people. I had a photo of my GG-Grandfather, Charles Compton, a man I believed to be his father, William Walter Compton.

    So, I took the photos and put them side by side and looked at the hairline, the nose, the eyes, the mouth and they all seemed to match up. And the dates would be correct for the time frame – William Walter died in 1928 and the photo of the gentleman was in 1921, so he was 86 at the time the photo was taken.

    The photo I have for Charles, is about the mid to late 30’s – same hairline, eyes and grin. To me it is a match!!!

    This is Charles:

    and this is William Walter (at least I believe it to be)

    and last, but not least. This is a photo of a man I believe to be the son of Walter William and the brother of Charles. In this photo he is sitting at a desk, but another photo I have is of him standing in front of a house that is the exact house that William Walter lived in til his death. I have photos of the house and the woman that owns it now, said that is was in the Compton Family for years before it was bought by someone else then her.

    And I also have old newspaper photos of the Compton sons that were killed in WWI and they all look the same.

    So, if trying to identify family – look for similiar traits (eyes, nose) and background locations. It might help name those that are unknown.