My Great Grandfather – Part One

I thought that I would write about family members, starting with my Great-Grandfather Robert Rutledge. Click on his name to see his page, but there is more to him than the page will allow.

Robert was the son of immigrant parents, Robt Rutledge and Ellen Elliott, both who came to Canada from Ulster, Northern Ireland. They arrived at different times but met and fell in love in Canada and started this wonderful Canadian Rutledge branch. Robert was the 4th of 9 children.

As you can see by the picture, he was a very handsome man:


In the Ontario Archives, there is the following:

Robert RUTLEDGE, 25, clerk, Canada, Ottawa, s/o Robert RUTLEDGE & Ellen ELLIOTT, married Annie DICKS, 19, Canada, Ottawa, d/o Walter DICKS & Caroline BEACH, witn: W. H. RUTLEDGE of Toronto & Mary JOHNSTON of Ottawa, 10 Oct 1900 at Ottawa

I wonder what type of clerk he was; how did they meet; what did they wear?? I believe that W. H Rutledge was his younger brother, William Henry but who is Mary Johnson? Was she a friend of the bride or girlfriend of William?

Together, they settle down and had 2 sons – Walter Russell and Gordon Elliott (my grandfather). There is not much about the family so I believe that they had a happy life in Ottawa. Sadly, on Jan 12, 1907, Annie died of tuberculosis. She is buried in the Dicks Family Plot in Beechwood Cemetery, Ottawa, Ontario.

Together the 3 Rutledge men carried on until 1910 when Robert married Georgina Gifford, and it seems that life was never normal after that.

To be continued . . . a baby, a death, an invention made and stolen, a marriage that didn’t seem to work but lasted til death . . .

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