Genealogy Bucket List . .

Well, it seems like everybody always talks about bucket lists – they either have one, are making one or have done one.

I don’t know if my bucket list is about life, genealogy or research.

    Visit everywhere my family has lived – Sweden, Finland, Ireland, England, Australia, all across Canada and the US
    Find the marriage record for my Grandparents – I am beginning to believe they lived in sin — Oh my!!!
    Find the time to add all the names that I have – about 10,000 into my database
    One day, have pictures of all of my family – including long gone family
    Visit the graveyards where family is buried
    Find someone that I can leave all the information to and they will carry on where I left off
    Visit all my living family – whether they are cousins, distant cousins or very distant cousins

I guess that actually most is a dream that will probably never come true though the new family in Victoria seems to be helping fill in quite a few spaces.

Who knows, maybe some of the bucket list will be filled up one day.

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