For the Year 2013 . .

sorry this is late but been majorly sick.

But anyways for the 2013 Year


  • keep adding family to the tree
  • update information and people
  • add more photos to my tree of people – I love photos
  • keep adding documents for further confirm the information that I have – sources, sources, sources
  • link more of the burials I have on findagrave to my website
  • For findagrave:

  • fill in more information in the memorials that I have
  • add photos to the memorials that I have added
  • I am still trying to think about the Photo Requests, as I have become quite disenchanted with the requesters
  • Stop reading the forums as they just piss me off more with how people talk to each other
  • For Family:

  • visit family more often than I do
  • Get in touch with my neices more often, go for tea or coffee with them, get to know them as the young ladies they are
  • Talk more with cousins on facebook, just not comment on their pages – we are family
  • Try and visit family on the Island
  • Start saving to go visit family overseas (Sweden and Finland) – stop with the maybes but really do it.
  • So that is my hopefules for 2013, what are yours??

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