Family Stories . . .

I wish that I could get at least each family member to write me a letter — no email, a real, hand written, sent in the mail letter. Sounds strange but no.

I think that the best thing that anyone can have is a handwritten memory of family. It doesn’t have to include me or my direct family, just something that you remember about the past, or even the present would be wonderful.

I wish I had sat down with my Grandparents and Aunts and Uncle to get information about life.

At Christmas, while visiting with my parents, my Dad talked about the Christmas parties that my Uncle Bob use to have. There was always so many people and the table, as my Dad told me, went from one end of the house to the other. I know that I have at least one of these parties on a VHS tape and the table does look that long.

Occasionally, someone in my family mentions something from the past and I don’t remember it at all. Whether it is old age or the stroke I had, the memories are gone.

So, a wish – that I could get letters from family telling me stories of our lives, our childhood, the present, stories of cousins I never met.

I would love to add them to a book and just call it Memories of a Family . .

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