Are genealogist really hoarders in


I have to wonder if a Genealogist has a hoarder gene in them. I mean I keep every scrap of paper that I find that has something about family – even if the family is a distant, distant, distant, distant, distant, distant family member. I love having all of it.

My sister told me how she mentioned to her oldest daughter that I had more information in binders then was on my website. I realized I do have a lot of stuff – about 20 CDs with information & pictures; photo albums; binders for each side (Maternal and Paternal); Military records; miscellaneous records that include Complaints filed by my Great-Grandfather for the theft of his patent.

I can and do spend days searching for 1 little article, 1 little photo or piece of paper to see if I can connect the dots or in most cases, people.

But I also hoard things – I have most of my dolls (Barbies), Chatty Cathy dolls, comics, etc. What do these have to do with my genealogy passion. Nothing, but I love all things old. I even have clothes that were mine, my Auntie Ingrids and of course, all of Nancie’s baby things.

I know that I have to one day go through and label all the photos that I have from Nancie’s youth and get them out of the boxes they are in, because one day, she may want them.

So, as asked previously — are genealogist just a defined type of hoarder?

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