Anton Lennart Snabb

This is a story about my Great Uncle.

Anton was the 2nd son, 5th child of Johannes Snabb and Lena Forsman. He was born on the 8th of February 1903 in Björköby, Finland. He was the older brother of my Grandmother, Edit Amanda Snabb.

There is no one that can tell me about his life in Finland but on June 6th, 1927 he left for Australia. The following is the record of his leaving:

June 06, 1927

Passenger Records:
Last name: Snabb
First names: Anton
Age or age group: 24
Port of departure: Hanko
Place of destination: Sydney
State of destination: NSW
Country of destination: AUS
Price of ticket: GBP 40
Ship from Finland: Arcturus
Date of departure from Finland: 15.06.1927
Ship from England: Osterley
Date of departure from England: 25.06.1927
Ocean Line: Orient Line
Port of departure in England *
List and page 131/10
Remarks Vaasa!

Register of Australian Finns:
Last name: Snabb
First names: Anton Lennart
Naturalization –
Date of birth: 1903
Birth place: Raippaluoto
Birth province: Vaasan
Date of arrival to Australia: 1927
Marital status –
Wife/husband –
Address in Australia –
Occupation in Australia –
English proficiency –
Travel route / ship –
Places of residence in Australia –
Consulate’s register # 1251/17.1.1928
Consulate’s register number –
Date of Passport 1927.5.25.
Additional passport information 1 v, Raippaluoto,
SHO identification # S/m/7/6
Date of departure from Finland 10.6.1927
Age 24
Route / price Hango – Sydney, £40
Additional ticket information Wasa
Consulate’s archive information – Information from Swedish archives

While searching on the Australia websites, I came to find a photo of his passport, which surprised me as it was not a facial photo but a full body shot —
Anton L Snabb

Once arriving in Australia, all records seem to show that he moved to New South Wales, eventually settling in Coorabella near Byron Bay. The description is “Byron Bay is a coastal town in the southeastern Australian state of New South Wales.”

He applied for and received Citizinship in about 1939. Here are couple of the documents confirming this. The entire document is just over 49 pages long. On the 2nd page, is is a description of him, his life since arriving in Australia and also lists his occupation as a fruit grower.

I wonder if he filled out the Declaration form as if you read it, it lists his father as “Ganhanse” instead of the correct spelling of Johannes. Could it have been someone that spelt it as it sounded?

Also in the pages, there was a copy of the Notice that had been put in the paper:

It was in this same year that he was married to Marjorie Flodin Armstong.

Wedding Registration

It was 2 years after that, their daughter, Marjorie was born — this was the announcement in the The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW) published on May 29, 1941, but they spelt Anton’s name as Andrew:

Birth Annoucement

I found an article on Anton from when he got in trouble for growing bananas without the proper permit. In December 1942, the following article was in the published in the Northern Star paper about his fine. It is also noted that he seemed to go by Andrew Snabb now but does also go by Anton at times. At least, despite the fine, he is said to have a great character.


I received the following photo from another Snabb cousin in Finland, it is Anton and his family. I don’t have a date but it would have been before his death in 1948.


Sadly, Anoton died on August 26, 1948. He is buried in Bryon Bay Cemetery. It took me several years, but then a cousin from my English side, lives in Australia and she was able to find his burial and took photos for me.

His obituary:

His headstone:


His wife, eventually remarried and it was in the past few years, I found a step-daughter on line who sadly informed me that Anton’s daughter had passed away at the young age of 29. She is buried in Mt Thompson Memorial Gardens.

My hope is to one day be in contact with her daughter.

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