A Murdered Family Remembered

I was recently reading the forums on ancestry, when I came upon one from a few years ago that someone had just answered within the last week.

The person had been looking for family in Vancouver and had heard that they had a family tragedy years ago but didn’t know anything about what had happened. The post was done in 1999. Fast forward to this year, and someone posted the saddest story about how the oldest son had come home and killed almost the entire family, a baby survived.

It was all just so sad. I googled to see if there was more to the story and also decided to look on the BC Archives to see if I could find where the family was buried.

The family was all listed as being buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery, here in Burnaby. Reading the Death Registrations, it is so sad that this could happen. And what made it more sad to me was that when googling the family, I learned that although the son was sentenced to live in a hospital for the mentally ill for life, he was released in 1977 only 12 years after killing his family. Another sad thing, or should I say weird – the axe that he used to kill his family is now on display in the Vancouver Police Musuem.

On the weekend, I went down to the Cemetery and visited the family and while the pictures don’t have the real flowers, I left flowers for the family. The photos and memorials are here:

Kosberg Family

Sometimes, I find sadness when learning about the headstones I take photos of.

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