The Compton Mystery

This is one of the reasons that I have finally gotten my dna done.

My 5th Great Grandfather is William Compton

He was born about 1730 and died in 1817 in Petersfield, Hampshire, England. He was married to Elizabeth Scut and together they had 5 children with their son, John being the line that I will eventually be born into.

My mystery is that I do not know who his parents are. This means I could be from one of two Compton trees — a regular family with a regular life or I could come from the family that has / had a castle, an adopted Royal bastard child, a brother that married his adopted sister, several children that might or might not be a Compton or maybe the Stable boy. Then there is the wife that ran away to France and lived there. Now which branch would you want?

Now there are people that list his father as a Thomas Compton and ties us in with the wilder family but there is no paper proof that I have ever seen. To me, without paper record you really aren’t sure.

This is where I hope that dna will be able to help me. If I can find someone who connects me with their Compton line back around 1730, then maybe just maybe it will solve this little mystery.


First of all, Happy New Year. I am hoping that this year I can work more on here and the genealogy site as well.

Well, Nancie fulfilled my dream of the last few years — she bought me this:

And I know that some will wonder why I need dna when I know where most people come from but there are a lot of questions that I hope to find answers to. As well, I can end up finding distance relatives.

One of the questions relates to the Compton family. Years ago, I met a woman who lives in Victoria, BC – we have a lot of common relations but not the one that connects us. Thee is one person that would link us — but while some list his father as being one person there is not really any proof and I want proof before I link to him. If I could get that proof somehow it would confirm his brothers and sisters as well as link to a most interesting group of Comptons including a possible illegitimate royal baby adopted by a Compton. And then the story after it is unbelievable.

And my Swedish vs Swede-Finn side — From the Swedish side, I know that I am partly from Backman (Grandpa) but from my Swede-Finn side I also have Backman in the mix — are the 2 Backman branchs linked somehow?

And where do either side come from — what other dna lurks in my blood?

I will never have the pure dna as I could never convenience either Dad or Mom to do it for me. But whatever I get will be interesting. I wonder what my blood will show — maybe I am a reltive of Harry and will be at the wedding.

Family Lore — Are we Witches????

There is a Family Lore that we could possibly decedents of the Witches of Salem through our Beach Family Line.

In 1653, there was a woman that was named Goody Knapp who was hung from the gallows and then her body removed and taken down to be examined by several women. It was said to be strange sight was this group of 7 women gathered around to “examine a naked woman”.

This is where our relative comes in, with a little confusion.

Mary Staples was one of the woman and she was later accused of being a witch herself. The confusing part is that no one really knows which Mary Staples it was as there were 2 Mary Staples – my 9th Great Grandmother and her daughter, Mary who was married into the Beach Family to John Beach.

What happened is that one of the founders of Connecticut Colony, Roger Ludlow accused Mary Staples of making “a trade of lying” and that “she was probably a witch.” This is found in court papers from 1654.

She was also accused of being good friends with Goody Knapp by Roger Ludlow. This resulted in Thomas Staples (9th Great Grandfather) filing a lawsuit again Roger for slander. Thomas won the case, and the celebrated Roger Ludlow was fined 15 pounds.

There have been other stories about that it could have been that daughter, Mary that was the accused but most of the stories are about Mary, wife of Thomas.

So, maybe people have it wrong — I am not a “”*itch” but a Witch!!!!

Victory Memorial Park

I haven’t been able to visit a cemetery in awhile because of the problems with my legs and things but I decided to look back at some of the photos I have taken at the different places I have been.

This cemetery is about a 45 minute drive from my place to out in Surrey.

The cemetery was opened as a Field of Honour for Veterans and their family members and originally was called The Veterans Memorial Park. The first burial took place in March of 1959.

The original landmarks were a 65 foot cross (which is still there today)and two Howitzer guns placed on either side of the cross. Later these guns were removed and given to the City of White Rock and the Vancouver Armoury.

It has gone through a few owners before the recent owners. There have also been several sections added including: for Beth Tikvah Jewish Congregation from Richmond, St. Vartan’s Armenian Church, the Canadian Hussaini Association and the BC Muslim Association. There was also a beautiful Cermation Section with streams, waterfalls within a beautiful forest section.

Here are some of the photos I have taken over the years.

Cross at the Entrance to the Cemetery

One of the 2 fountains as you drive into the cemetery

The following are in the cremation section

Cremation Section

Cremation Section

Cremation Section

Cremation Section

Hopefully by next Spring I will be able to walk and visit again to such a peaceful and relaxing place.

Wesleyan Methodist Church

is one of the many religions in my family. This comes from my English side — The Beach & McCargar Branchs. Many of these 2 branchs were inter-married.

For those that do not know, The Wesleyan Methodist Church was founded in 1884 when it was formed from the merger of four smaller Methodist denominations with ties to British and U.S. Methodist denominations. It existed until it merged again with two other denominations to form the United Church of Canada in 1925.

Between the years of about 1842 – 1900, there are several records of Beach family members that were baptized in the faith.

They are very good at having records available on line for information that is available to family. An example that shows the hand-written records is at a page done here: Westlyn Baptism Lists If you scroll down you will find the Beach Family.

The picture below is the oldest building on the Kemptville College of Agricultural Technology campus, Leahurst began as a farmhouse belonging to the McCargar’s, a Wesleyan Methodist family.

Jane Thompson, my 3rd Great Grandmother . . .

Jane is my 3rd Great Grandmother and while there is interesting information about her from old family documents, it is hard to find out if it is true or made up information.

First, her last name is spelt 2 ways — Thompson or Thomson. From most of the information that I have read, it is Thompson.

There is also confusion about where she was born — Ireland or Scotland. Most of the Canadian Census Records say Ireland and the Family Lore is that she was born in Scotland and was the cousin of Lord Kelvin Thomson, a famous Scottish mathematical physicist but he is listed as being born in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

While there is not a date for their wedding, Jane and Thos Rutledge married in the late 1830’s as their first son, Robt Rutledge was born in Ulster, Northern Ireland in 1840. It was sometime after his birth that the family moved to Canada. I wonder if any other children had been born in Ireland as the next child born was 4 years later in Canada. There were 7 children that there are records for and they were all born in Bolton, Ontario. Sadly, 3 of the children died before at very young ages.

Thos passed away in 1870 while Jane lived onto 1898.

They, along with several children were buried in the Bolton Anglican and Methodist Cemetery which went into disrepair after the opening of the Laurel Hill Cemetery.

In the Centennial Year of 1972, the town of Bolton repaired the cemetery and put headstones up on a wall at the entrance. Unfortunately, Jane’s headstone was not found but Thos, Christopher, Margaret and Thomas James were located.

Titanic Survivor buried in Mountain View . . .

Who would have thought that a survivor of the Titanic is buried in Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, BC

Robertha Josephine Watt was born on September 7, 1899 was born in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. She was the only child and daughter of James Reid Watt and Elizabeth Inglis Milne. James was an architect and it was in regards to his job that the family made the decision to move to Portland, Oregon.

While James went ahead of his wife and daughter, who were travelling on the Maiden Voyage of the SS Titanic as second Class Passengers. On the ship they shared their cabin with 2 other passengers.

Bertha and her Mother were on Life Boat Number 9 after the sinking of the Titanic. She is said to have survived with nightie tucked into a pair of panties, and house slippers. She is also to have said that she was lucky to have squirrel lined coat, as that is what the did back in those days.

Eventually, they were reunited with her Father and settle into life in Portland, Oregon. She went onto High School and eventually she became a bookkeeper.

It was in 1923 that she married a Canadian Dentist, Dr. Leslie Frederick Marshall and settle into life in Vancouver, BC. Together, Leslie & Bertha went on to have 4 children, including 2 sons who also followed in their father’s footsteps and became dentist.

Sadly, shortly after he retired, Leslie passed away in 1971. Then a short 7 years later, her daughter and grandson were killed by a drunk driver.

Although she did on the occasion, talk about her experiences on the Titanic, she was often known to shun the publicity associated with being a Titanic survivor.

She is buried in Mountain View, in HORNE2/*/08/025/0002 (354) with a headstone, that if you didn’t stop to read, you would not know that she was there or who she was except for the line “Survivor of the Titanic”

To see her memorial, click on the following link:

Roberta Josephine Marshall

How many Names make up me?

While, yes I am a Rutledge but how many other names flow into me from my past. According to the Stats for my website, there are currently 1,227 unique surnames. Now I am not related to all of them, I am related, one way or another to a lot of them. These are within 1,633 families.

First, I will talk about the English Side (My Dad)

What I find most interesting is that my Dads’ side is that the Rutledges are coming from Northern Ireland with a splash of Scottish. The rest are mostly English from Yorkshire or the Sussex regions of England.

The more distant relatives on the English side of my family came to the US from England — some stayed in the US while others travelled to Canada. I have cousins that are all over the world — Australia, USA, England, through Canada (Manitoba and Ontario mostly) and probably still in Northern Ireland.

One interesting fact is that I have a 5th Great Grandfather that was from Germany. You can read about him here — Descendant of a Hessian Solider

So it is probably true what those ancestry commercials say about everyone coming from all over the world.

Now my Scandinavian Side (My Mom’s side)

From my Mom I get my Swedish and Swede-Finn genes and names. The last names are fascinating because up until the early, I believe 19th century, last names changed with each generation.

An example would be myself and my brother — his last name would have been Waltersson and I would have been Waltersdotter.

There are a couple of names that are the same in both the Swedish side and the Swede-Finn side, especially the name Backman (which was my Grandfather’s last name). I find that I have several Backman that are in my Snabb (Swede-Fin) family but I have never found any connection between the branches.

Here is a photo that shows from me back to my GG-Grandparents — see how each generation gets bigger.

Last Names

That is all for now, hopefully my brain will function well enough that I will be able to do this more often that I have in the last few months. Fingers crossed.

The need to organize

all my paper docs which include — photos, newspaper articles, stories , military records, burial records and many many more things.

When i started I had just everything in either English / Irish side vs Swedish / Finnish side along with binders of paper copies of Family tree information sent to me.

I figure that I will put them as per last name with the ones with most info in larger binders then names which I have smaller amounts of info in smaller ones. Hopefully there will be enough room.

The black binders would be (these are my England / Canada / Ireland / Scotland lines):

  • Rutledge
  • Elliott
  • Dicks
  • Beach
  • Mccargar
  • Kirby
  • The blue binders would be(these are my Sweden and Finland lines):

  • Snabb
  • Backman
  • Rusén
  • Forsman
  • These are just some of the names as there are a lot of names, but these would be the main lines.

    But getting organized is really, really taking a bit because i dont have the space to take it out and leave it out because the cats will mess it up or it messes up our tiny dining room.

    These are just some of the stuff needing to be organized

    Top shelves:


    Bottom shelves:


    To help, I have ordered more, smaller binders, dividers and plastic sheet covers. Hopefully it will start to look better organized in the next few weeks.

    Anyone think of a better way to do this, let me know.



    Update to Lost Cemeteries

    Back in 2014, I wrote about the Lost Cemeteries in New Westminister —

    Lost Cemeteries

    Well after a number of years of fighting, they have finally set a date for the reconstruction of the High School in 2017.

    And while they say that the school will not be built on any of the cemeteries, there are still people that are opposed to the new building on the land. The New Westminster Indian Band and Chinese Benevolent Society of Vancouver seem to support the project, there are other groups like the B.C. Union of Indian Chiefs and Reconciliation for Canadians say they’re opposed.

    The spokesman for the Reconciliation for Canada has stated “The public needs to understand that what they’re talking about is the desecration of a commissioned cemetery” There are apparently at least 33 families that have a stake in the cemetery and they have not been spoken with.

    These were cemeteries for people of colour, that that these were commissioned cemeteries in the late 19th century.

    There are no records that these cemeteries were ever decommissioned, but there is an application in 2009 to have the New Westminster School site deemed a Heritage Designation but as of this date, there has been nothing done.

    The Government announcement stated:

    The existing school was built on land formerly used as a burial ground, public works yard and staging area for the military during the Second World War. The new school building will be located on portions of the site outside the burial areas. All work within the designated heritage areas will be monitored by an archeologist to ensure the heritage requirements are met and any historic artifacts are appropriately recorded.

    It will be interesting to watch as going forward this rich history that, for lack of a better word, has been buried since the school was originally built in 1949.

    Hopefully soon, all those buried there will finally get to rest in peace.